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That Roller-coaster Ride Called 2017

2017 was a big year for our family. For Paolo and I, 2017 was the year where our prayer was answered - to be given an opportunity to build a new life in another country. Luckily, through my husband’s company, our family was given sponsorship to work and study here. It was February 2017 when we first came into Sydney. With no family or relatives nearby, we were fortunate to have friends who helped us start our lives in this busy and very expensive city. For 2 weeks, our friends, Fenrich and Ria Williams accommodated us to their home. They helped us settle in New South Wales - drove us around for house inspections and help us find our apartment here. Along with our other friends (who are based in Sydney) they even helped us buy our home furniture and appliances - which very much eased our the process of us settling in. While the idea migrating, moving in and living independently seemed very exciting, the reality was opposite of what we expected. Living abroad, far from our families, …

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