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Finding Our New Home in Sydney

Finally, I had the opportunity to write something personal since we have moved here in Sydney, or more appropriately, New South Wales. I must say that I have slowly adjusted to this new life we have here. I am finally able to manage my time, learn the household chores (which I'd like to write about too, soon) and master the art of being a stay at home mom to Leon. There are a lot of new things I'd like to share, hence the birth of my facebook page,The Mommy Roves to dish out all the new things happening.

Anyways, among the new things I'd like to share, let me start with our house hunting story. I have already posted a video about it a couple of weeks back on The Mommy Rovesbut there are still a lot of things I'd like to write about - the hunt, the emotions, the confusion, the decision making in finding and getting our house. We were fortunate to have a couple of good friends, Mr and Mrs Williams to be exact who helped us on our first few weeks here in Sydney. They wel…

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