Goodbye, Winter!

I couldn't describe my relief now that winter is over. It is officially 2 weeks into September and so far, the spring is giving us the perfect weather I could ever imagine - a little chilly in the morning and hot and sunny in the afternoon then chilly again at night. This is probably the period where our energy bill will be the lowest - no need for heaters and aircon and whatsoever.So before I formally bid goodbye to winter and welcome the spring, let me share with you some how I handled my very first winter here in Australia. Was it easy? Well, for starters it was a hell of a struggle. The Mornings Are Difficult With sunrises that happen a little later in the day,temperature that is less than 10 degrees, getting up in the morning is the hardest thing to do. Even if we have our heaters set at a certain temperature and time, preparing was a struggle. The dark and the cold weather just makes you want to sleep more. The worst part? Even if you have heated showers in the morning, the mo…

Our Melbourne Holiday

Our recent trip to Melbourne was booked to attend the wedding of our good friends, Jessa and Dandy. We also had the intention to relax and spend the holidays in probably one of the most beautiful cities we know. Fortunately, we did have a great 4-day holiday in Melbourne and despite the very very cold weather back then, we were able to enjoy and immerse in the city's cosmopolitan vibe. Although we have a list of places and restaurants to visits, we were not able to follow it because of the weather. Unexpectedly, it was raining very hard when we arrived there on a Friday. Instead of going around the city, we decided to just spend it indoors. After having lunch, we quickly went to Federation Square for photos and spend most of the afternoon in the National Gallery of Victoria. Inside, Leon had a great time in the Laura Hall are playing and goofing around with other kids. We then went to South Melbourne and had an interesting coffee experience at St. Ali's Cafe. Luckily, we had …

New Beginnings

Today marks the start of my much awaited season - Spring. While the cold winter weather still brings chill to my spine, today, I was awaken with a brighter and better sunshine. During the winter, the nights are longer - sun sets at 5:30 PM and rises at around 6:30-7PM. Today, the sun greeted me earlier than usual. Today, everything seemed brighter and happier. These cherry blossom are just reminiscent of everything that I felt today - calm, beautiful and hopeful. As the new season begins, a new chapter of our lives unfolds. As I am now offered a permanent role on my current job, I feel so grateful and blessed for the Lord has given me a tool to help my family. With Paolo and I gearing on applying for a permanent residency status here in Australia, we need to increase our finances to afford the expenses. Everything happened on sync - after lodging our PR application, I was offered the role, allowing us to afford this without hurting our savings. Applying for Permanent Residency In case…

On Second Chances | Tips on Jobhunting

"When God closes a door, He opens a window." This saying, as cliche as it may sound, is undoubtedly true. Not so long ago, I have poured my heart out and shared my heartbreaking experience over a job that I lost here. I've also shared how many rejections I have received from numerous (insane) jobs I have applied for. Yet, despite all those setbacks, I moved on and decided to do what I do best - to not lose faith, to not give up and to just try again.
During the moments that I doubted myself, I was lucky to be surrounded by people who cared and believed in me. Some, offered words of encouragement, while some a particular person gave me the exact help that I really need. This person, who I'd like to call Bic looked at my resume and identified everything that is causing my dilemma. Through her wonderful [and very very detailed] advice, I was able to revise my resume competitively. The moment I uploaded it on multiple job search apps here in Australia, and bam! The calls…

To My Not So Little Boy

To my Leon, Still, I couldn't believe how fast time flies. It seems like only yesterday, you were this fragile little human, always longing for comfort in my arms.You were so little but you were huge enough to create a massive change in our life. You have shown me things I never thought possible. You have given me strength and inspiration I never thought I could find. You made me discover skills I never thought I had. You have shown me a different kind of love. A kind of love that transcends all other forms - the love of a mother. Now that you're three, the more you amaze me with your wit and personality. I wonder, when did you learn to speak that smart? How do you manage to run a conversation with such young age? It's like magic. One day you were stuttering and figuring out how to say words like mommy and daddy and now you can easily talk your way out to certain things (like telling me how carrots will make you sick and chicken will make you strong). I can still remember…