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Visiting Bondi, Manly and Cogee - Which Is The Best Beach For Our Family?

I've always admired the beach. The white sands, the salty air, the clear blue waters - the beach have this enigmatic feel that can instantly wash your worries away. Back in the Philippines, I make sure that I visit at least one beach every summer - either to bond with my family or relax with my friends. I did not expect that beautiful beaches are so accessible here in Sydney. So close that we only need to drive for an hour to get there. (Deep inside, I wish we could afford to live near the beach).
So far, we have visited 3 of Sydney's most famous beaches - Bondi, Manly and Cogee. They are so accessible that we can either drive the car going there, ride the train or ferry or take the bus. No need to spend for expensive plane tickets, go for a long drive or book hotel rooms just to enjoy the sea breeze. Since we really love having some fun family bonding time, we love searching for new beaches to explore. So among the three we have visited, which one tops our list? To give you an …

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