Beauty Review: BYS Sculpt and Glow Palette

I love makeup. I love makeup so much that I used to do a lot of makeup reviews before and almost considered myself a beauty blogger. However, after my long hiatus from fashion / beauty blogging, I have noticed how much makeup reviews have changed. It leveled up immensely that I found myself having to learn the new techniques, shades, trends and so on. It actually took me awhile to learn how to “properly” contour and highlight and appreciate the magic it does to my face. Hence, my very first amateur review on a highlight and contour palette I purchased just recently.

My obsession with makeup comes with my preference for affordable brands. When I saw this BYS Sculpt and Glow Palette, I immediately realized its value for money - for just AUD 16.95 (Approximately Php600), I have 2 shades of highlighter, 2 shades of Blushes and 1 Bronzer. Moreover, the product is highly pigmented that I only need a little amount to get the “glow” that I need.

I am currently growing a fondness over the champ…

Finally, Things Are Back To Normal

The faster he goes back to his normal, active routine, the better for his recovery
That was the advise given to me by Leon's physiotherapist the day before our discharge. According to him, the more he walks and moves, with caution, of course, the better for his body to build its strength. While I initially told them my uncertainties, they told me that the more the child moves, the fewer the chances of him getting back to surgery. He and his doctors basically slammed my idea of binat, which is a huge deal for our folks back in the Philippines. Upon discharge, doctors advised us that Leon can easily go back to daycare a week after. Though I also shared them my sentiments regarding sending him to daycare - him getting sick again, him not being able to eat well, him playing rowdy with other kids, and so on and so forth the doctors reassured me that with proper care and healthy diet, sending him to daycare is essentially okay. Kahit naman anong concerns ko sa daycare, wala naman akong …

The Battle Against Pneumonia

16 days.
That's the number of days Leon stayed in the hospital. If we're Facebook or Instagram friends, you probably know  the story behind Leon's misdiagnosis which eventually led us to hospital confinement due to pneumonia. To make the long story short, after seeing 2 General Practitioners and 2 emergency doctors, we were told that Leon's spiking temperature, chills and vomitting were all caused by a viral infection - enterovirus, as confirmed by a swab test the GP did. We were advised to rest, drink plenty of fluids and administer fever-reducing medicine at home to fight-off the said virus. Leon while being rushed to the Auburn Hospital Emergency Department
The last GP we saw advised us to rush Leon to the Westmead Children's Hospital if he is still febrile on the 5th day of illness. That morning of Sunday, November 5, once the thermometer read 38, we immediately rushed him to the Kids Hospital. At the emergency department, he was thoroughly checked, his chest x-ra…

LG Roboking Vaccumm - Our Ultimate Chores Hack

It may seem bizarre for some but I never realized that a simple thing like delegating chores could cause friction to a relationship. Moving here in Australia, Paolo and I had to adjust to the fact that we have no one else to rely on but ourselves. Gone are the days where we have our helpers, parents our relatives to cook, laundry or clean for us. Since we couldn’t afford to pay a huge amount of wage for a helper, we had no choice but to do things all chores on our own. Hence I understand why appliances - such as dishwashers, dryers, washing machines and vacuum cleaners are very important in a household. For a busy family like us - working 8 hours a day, commuting for 1-2 hours a day, we had to do our chores as efficiently as we can. The faster we can do the chores, the more time we have to rest or to do other things.
Then you realize what kind of a job our helpers, nannies, yaya do at home. Ang hirap din ng trabahonila. Hindi biro gumawa ng chores 24/7. When I was staying at home, I tri…

Leon Learns To Bike

I never realized that seeing your son ride the bike the first time could be as emotional as seeing him do his first step. Today just gave me that feeling again when I see my son ride the bike for the very first time. While we usually allocate our weekend mornings to household chores, we make sure that we go out in the afternoon to unwind from the busy work week we had. So for this Saturday afternoon, we decided to go to Centennial Parklands (which is really close to the city) to have a quick meet-up with our friends and have our much-deserved family time.  It was also our first time to hire a bike for ourselves. Leon was initially reluctant to ride the bike - 'cause he'd rather push his pram all around the park (my kid is so into pushing stuff). However, forcing him many times and letting him try out a red bike (which I know he'll like), he finally said yes and asked to hire one for each of us. (An hour for a kiddie bike is $10 while $15 for the adult bike). Expectedly, L…

A Day in The Kidtopia Festival

Attending a music festival has been part of my bucket list. Yung tipong ma-ala coachella ang peg tapos nakafestival outfit ako, ganon. Since motherhood and migration happened, I never really had the chance to attend one. And now, why am I not surprised that my first "semi-festival experience" would be kid-friendly? Luckily, I have an amazing friend (let's call her Ria) who was able to score FREE tickets for us to attend the Kidtopia festival. So instead of spending $30 per head to enjoy the festival, we were able to gain access without spending for anything! Bongga! It was scorching hot when we arrived there last Saturday, around lunch time. The sun was so up, everyone had their hats on and trying to keep their cool. Yet, despite the weather, you'd see kids running around, falling in line to the rides, gathering on different play areas and even dancing on the stage area. There was even a point where the performers on the stage asked the kids to dance! Syempre, Leon …