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So You're Working in Australia For 6 Months Now - What's The Big Deal?

Have you ever had one of those nights where no matter how tired your body is, you just couldn't go to sleep? I'm having that exact thing, at 2:00 AM - and it is one of the worst feelings, especially when you have work the next morning.
So here I am, typing my thoughts away while hoping by the end of this post, I am tired and sleepy enough to go to bed (I am really, really hoping so). Anyway, speaking of work, I just realized that I am already on my 6th month on my job. Wow. Time really flies so fast. Half a year ago, I was totally heartbroken cause I lost my very first job, after four days. (Read: I GOT A JOB AND I LOST IT (THE WORKPLACE SHOCK). Then on an unexpected turn of events, a month and a half after, I was able to land a job in BOC, Australia's leading gas and equipment specialist as a customer service representative. (Read: On Second Chances - Tips on Jobhunting)
So you're 6 months in the company, what's the big deal?  Nothing, actually. I just consider thi…

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