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How Migrating Changed Leon's Life and Our Parenting Style

On my microblog, or simply The Mommy Roves' Facebook and Instagram pages,(please follow if you can) I've always talked about how our lives changed since we have moved here in Australia. From basically working every day for eight years, it has changed to spending each minute of my day taking care of my small family.

Yet, it was not just me who experienced several adjustments. While I was struggling to manage my time learning chores, taking care of Leon and doing some freelance work online, my two-year-old son, Leon was also adjusting. From being in the hands of his grandparents (my mom and mother-in-law) and carer all the time, he had to migrate to another country and live independently with his parents.

All of us struggled, especially during the first month. For Leon, it took awhile for him to realize that his usual carers, his wowa Rose, Nanay Juvy and Lola Mama are not around to comfort or spoil him. There were moments he's cry and look for them as if waiting for a littl…

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