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Leon's First Swimming Class at Dolphins Swim School

Leon has this weird fear of swimming. When he was one, we went to Subic with the family and he freaked out when we brought him to the beach. When we moved here in Australia, out of the numerous times we went to the beach, Leon was always afraid to step foot on the water. In fact, on our recent trip to Wollongong and Balmoral Beach, Leon was too afraid to swim, Realizing the importance of swimming as a life skill and its tremendous benefits (especially to Leon's history of pneumonia) to health, we decided to enroll Leon to swimming lessons. While it is not required, parents here in Australia are encouraged to enroll their kids in swimming.  Due to the numerous bodies of water that families access all the time, having kids knowing how to swim definitely minimizes the risk of drowning.
The Enrollment Process
Anyways, finding the right school was a hard decision, especially when you don't have much parent friends to ask around. Fortunately, I was able to come across the City of Pa…

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