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From Grandma's Closet! :D

I LOVE going through my Lola's closet to find something to wear. She prefers wearing loose tops, which I love stealing especially when I want to wear something laid-back. But there's this piece that I fell in Love and I even wore for Valentines day!

I honestly liked it cause it has that "vintage feel" especially when I paired it with her brown floral bag.

I just LOVE stealing her items, dont I? Who would have thought that I could pull off a nice Valentine's outfit from my Grandmother's Closet! :P

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The Wrap Around Skirt

This wrap-around skirt was hanging at my favorite UKAY shop at Malabon, sold for only P50. Out of impulse I bought this item without knowing when or where to use this.

I finally got the chance to wear my wrap around skirt a year after, during my birthday celebration last March 7. My friends and I went to Laiya, Batangas and I threw a beach party in lieu of my 2_th :) It was the perfect summer outfit. I was able to wear it with flip-flops while at the beach then paired it with heels when we went to Greenhills for a movie date.

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Spotted: HMR Flats!

I initially thought that HMR is all about surplus appliances and bargain products from the US. Out of curiosity, I went in the store to see the stuff they offer. It was a surprise when I saw boxes of imported shoes sold in a much lower price. What made me more delighted is to see that most of the sizes were gigantic -- size 40 and up.

And there it was, a pair of beautiful, comfy flats sold for only P250. Yes. P250. It left me no choice but to buy it that instance. I have yet to recall the exact brand of this awesome flats but sincerely, this is the first ever, comfiest pair of flats Ive ever bought. So for those of you who are looking for a place to find cheaper, US brand shoes, you might want to visit an HMR store near you. :)

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