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Travelling Stripes

To our surprise, there are more things to see in Baguio than the usual camps and parks. Little did we know that there are other places to see until we courageously drove to La Trinidad for our strawberry picking. I enjoyed discovering places like the Bell Church and the Tam-awan village (even if we got lost). I felt like I was on a field trip or something like that. :)
Since we were off to a bit of hiking I wore something comfortable but edgy at the same time. (I really had to wear the heels first for photos' sake but immediately changed to my boots to be able to walk! Haha!) Most of the items here are the ones I bought at the recently concluded coachella bazaar at Rockwell. I never thought I could actually wear so much in an outfit without overdoing it. I never actually thought I could wear stripes that nice. Anyways the stuff I wore:
Straw Hat: Bought at a Souvenir stall at the Grotto in Baguio Top: SJ Company (from the Coachella Bazaar) Pants: From the Coachella Bazaar (the belt…

Rocky Geek

Was in Baguio for the Holy Week and wore this on Good Friday. It's actually my first time to sport the nerdy look and I hope it worked well.
What I wore: Hat: Bought in Metrowalk Tiangge Eyeglasses: Bought at a stall below the Grotto Stairs Cardigan: Bossini Skirt: Ukay - Ukay (P50!) Shoes: Bass Boots (from my mom) & Confetti
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Curls Over the Years :)

Since I just had my haircut, I looked back on how faithful I am with my curls.

New Hair: Sassy & Classy :P

After a year I had my hair permed at Bench Fix, I decided to change my hairstyle. Went to Indigo Salon (thanks to mam kitey's referral) and Jay gave me a nice cut :) 
I'll definitely miss my curls. I've been sporting the curly look for many years now. I wonder to have it permed again after 6 months. Hmmm? :)

Can I Borrow yours? :)

I feel so luck to have girl cousins who share items with me. Since most of us have the same body type, we dont mind sharing each others' clothes. For instance, my outfit will not be complete without my cousin's (Aimee) accessories :D Im was sooo thankful to use her denim jacket, shades and bag on her graduation celebration and it made me look like a rockstar :D

The bargain doll glams up with borrowed items! Hype it! :P

The best place to eat up north: ISDAAN

While driving home from an activity in La Union, my workmate, Ron and I stopped over at Isdaan for some refreshments and picture taking. It was amazing.

and the figures that looked so real..