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Mall Rats

Malls have always been my favorite de-stressing spot. I cannot understand but I find peace in the chill of the mall's airconditioning system, the smell of tiles, linens or fruits; and the brightness of its lights. I know its weird, but I find happiness everytime I am inside one (as if walking and window shopping is relaxing! HAHA! CHAR!).
So I make it a point to go to the mall (at least) every weekend to chill. Recently, was at SM The Block with my fambam (Yesterday, Saturday) and with the boyfriend (earlier) for some REALLY relaxing and happy moments. :D

I am proud to say that I am the breadwinner in our family. I grew up very simple, I was humbly raised by my mom and my grandparents; and now that I am earning, giving them things (that we were not able to afford before) fulfills me. And buying groceries is one of them.
Anyways, before things get teary I have to make things light by posting my outfit picture. (Kailangan talaga sa grocery ako magpapicture! PAK! Haha!) Lately I've …

Urban Hippie

MAY is the most anticipated month of the year (for our family perhaps) cause its our Lolo's birthday! :D And our Lolo's birthday means only one thing: A SUMMER GETAWAY! :D This has been an annual tradition since we were kids and now that we are adults (and working) its our time to sponsor our outing. The place we chose was a private beach resort at Iba, Zambales (which we got for an incredible price) and we were surprised on how far it was from Manila! (5-6 hours drive grabe!) 

We were on our way to Iba and since we were on a convoy, we had to wait for my cousin's car at the first Petron stopover at NLEX (hence the pictures) for 2 hours! (They left something in the house so they had to go back) We got so bored that we ended up taking pictures of ourselves. Haha

We hurriedly drove to Iba when my cousins arrived and made a few stopovers. We just had to take a break from that loooong drive!

Bohemian Feel

Saturdate: May 14 2011
Saturday is automatically movie date with the Bf and I was excited to wear this wide legged pants that I bought from It was actually my very first online buy and I was really pleased with the item they shipped! (I only got it at Php 200! Sulit diba?) Since it was scorching HOT outside Decided to wear a summer looks by pairing  it with a striped tube top, pink and gold heels and accentuate it with a straw hat.
So we went to Landmark, TriNoma to buy some colorful socks (for some color blocking!) but ended up going to this stall of different scarves! :D I was playfully trying it on, wrapping it on my head til the boyfriend told me that this red-orange (or brick red) scarf goes well with my outfit! I got so kilig that I ended up buying not one, but two scarves in an instant. (The other was the blue I wore on my previous post) 

The scarf was actually a sulit buy cause its only Php70 and you can do a lot of things with it! Other stuff that I …

Blue Scarf

I never thought that scarves are very useful to transform an outfit from boring to stunning. Today, I went to Tondo (Kuya Joseph's house) to celebrate the feast of St. Joseph. I was wearing this simple denim vest (I used as top), my ever favorite sky blue pencil skirt and a pair of slippers. And when its time for my "blog photo shoot" I went to my car, put on this candy-colored accessories, black heels and wrap this light blue scarf on my head. And voila! an instant bohemian outfit. And since this blog is dedicated for cheap fashion alternatives, I'm happy to say that almost all of the items here are either THRIFT finds or Bargain stuff. Specifically,
SCARF: Landmark Dept Store DENIM VEST (used as top): UKAY UKAY  SKIRT: UKAY UKAY SHOES: PILL NECKLACE: Gift from a friend RING: Tiangge in Victory Mall (Monumento, Kalookan)
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Color me YELLOW: My first attempt to color block!

My girlfriends and I threw a party for our best friend, Thet Reyes with a summer theme. Everyone's required to wear bright summer colors and I decided to wear something striking. Haha. Yellow maxi dress (used as a skirt) topped with a hot pink strap shirt.

I am so amazed with the color blocking styles I see on different fashion blogs thats why I decided to try my  luck on it. Unfortunately, everyone in the party teased my "snow white" that night. (dapat talaga blue nalang ang top ko with red headband! haha)

It was a nice party.Have to go home lang early cause I came from a nueva ecija that day. I hope the pulled of my first attempt to "color block." Haha.
What I wore: Top: Baleno Dress (used as a skirt): Planet Gold (bought in greenhills) Shoes: (not in the picture): Lyn
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