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Business Class Baby!

And its June 18. My counterpart, Ron and several friends are flying to Boracay for a summer escapade. I decided to bring the boyfriend, Paolo to make the trip more exciting. What made our trip more exciting is scoring PALBUSINESS CLASS tickets for our flights! We were very thrilled! :D (Haha obviously, FIRST TIME ko makasakay ng business class).

Since PAL has overbooked on that flight, and 2 of our companions will not be accomodated for the flight. I decided to give up our seats for them (work related decision, I must say) and wait for the next flight at 1 am. Imagine next 5 hours of waiting.

We arrived at Kalibo around 2:30 in the afternoon and had to rode a van to transport us to Caticlan Port. It was a really really LOOONG and TIRING trip. 

Animal Insticts

Meet my lovely animals. Haha. :) I've been admiring animal print ensembles lately that I'm trying to sport the look as much as I can. For a night party and mall date, I decided to wear this zebra print harem pants that I bought from an online store. Matched it with a sheer black sleeveless top (details can't be seen in the picture) and my favorite black SO FAB heels (cause its comfortably high and chic) and filled my hands with loads of rings (cause I am inspired with Laureen Uy's style). I hope my glasses helped with my outfit too. 

I'm actually considering this to be my lookbook / chictopia photo but I find the photo not so appropriate, so I decided to stick with the original one. I really loved the headband though. Its on 70% off sale at XOXO, and I got it at Php 150 from the normal Php 495. Yay! Its a happy buy! :D

I'm honestly blaming lookbook and fashion blogs for turning me into a fashion minion. Haha. I never  thought I could wear this loud prints or mix …

Thrift Therapy

It's a pay day Friday and I'm feeling kinda depressed (for no apparent reason) so I decided to transfer the negativity on shopping for clothes. Since I'm on a tight budget (which I always am, haha) went to Mabunga Ukay-Ukay, at Cubao for some thrift therapy.

And since the rainy season is approaching, decided to buy some really cool jackets :D

I apologize for the blurred photos. Took everything using my point and shoot cam on a very low light. Anyways those were great finds, right? :) I cant wait to wear those na! :)
anyways, I'm planning to have a giveaway in my blog. I'm thinking of giving away a cute preloved dress for my readers (and to attract more as well). Do you think it will work? 
Im considering this floral printed dress I got from Muffin to be my blog give away. I've worn it once or twice and instead of putting it on our garage sale, will it be a good one to give? 
Check the dress on my lookbook entry here

I hope I can make this giveaway na :)


I know my cover-up is not fit for the title but I wore this when I watched Kung-Fu Panda 2 in 3D. I was so amused with Tigress, hence the title. I was not able to watch the first supplement of the film but the part 2 but it really made me VERY HAPPY! It was the perfect feel good movie for the cranky mood I was feeling that day.

Oh so cute rings! I concluded the movie date with some accessories shopping at Genevive Gozum. It's really a nice store to buy cute accessories cause it has lots for only P50-P200 only.

Honestly had a hard time finding a good spot to take a good pang lookbook picture in the mall. Haha! I did not care whether people were looking at me (and found me stupid), I just had to have that set of shots. And I don't know if I was overdressed (cause I wore this on SM North Edsa) but I really enjoyed putting on this ensemble cause I got everything at a very cheap price (bargained / thrifted / on sale).

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