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Model for a Day

It was my initial reaction when my co-worker showed this post processed photo that he took during our company's business conference at Cebu. For quite some time, John has been asking me to model for him (cause he's been seeing my lookbook photos) and finally our time has come. We were in our hotel room, equipped with his lights and customized materials and shoot! There goes the photos. :)

I've always been shy (ano daw?) to smile at the camera due to my teeth. If you will notice, I've been wearing the papaya smile for centuries. I'm so grateful that John gave me the confidence to flash those steels! I'm flattered, really :)
Here are more of the photos John took (all are post processed)

Again, I would like to thank Anthony John Lumpan for doing this shoot for me. It was a great feeling, being a model for a day (or 2, i must say).
To see more of his works, you may check John's facebook page: http://www.f…

Fort San Pedro

A half day city tour was part of our program during our company's Business conference last week (Jul 18-22) at Cebu. It was actually my third time doing the tour and it was a different experience touring it with different companions. I am really excited to share the pictures taken at one of Cebu's tourist spots, Fort San Pedro.  

The reason behind the photos? Our friend, Pie wanted to have pictures that are funny, stolen-ish and tell a story :) Don't you love the photos? I really find them cute.  This time, credits to Ton, for the funny and awesome pictures :)

Anyways, I loved the comfort my new topsiders from So Fab, gave me during the entire conference. I got it for a super nice deal at buy 1 take 1 P999 during the northern sale at SM last weekend. 

Anyways, hype my look at 

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Surprise Party // The Hangover 3

Last friday, July 8 people from the office threw a surprise party for our colleague, Ron at Charlie's Grill, QC. The plan was initiated, planned and organized by his girlfriend, Manelle (which we all found very sweet) as a gift for him. We were very supportive and hence, the surprise was a success! :D

It was an awesome party! :D Credits to manelle for throwing a great one. Beer, gin shots, Flaming shots, rum and all, every one was either drunk-singing, drunk-storytelling, drunk playing and all. Haha! I cannot believe that most of the guests (from the office) cannot remember the stupid things we did on that night, hence labeled the party the Hangover 3. Hahaha!
Afterwards, everything went blurry. HAHA
Anyways decided to sport a corporate-ish look for the party cause the guests will be coming from work. Surprisingly I came overdressed cause Ron, together with the bosses came from a basketball game and they were in their shorts. Haha. It looked like it was my party. HAHA :))

It was a fun…

MYOWNTHRIFTSHOP: A favorite online store :)

Online shopping was never my preference. I had this apprehension from buying at multiply / facebook online stores cause I was afraid that the photos might be deceiving. However, my thoughts changed since I encountered this nice, practical and very affordable online shop.
I'm impressed on how it sells items in the best and in the most stylish condition. I fell in love with the shop when I made my very first purchase when I saw this pair of trousers:
The transaction went well, and Ann, the seller was really accomodating. Since then, I always wait for the release of her monthly collections. :)
Anyhoo, lemme share with you some great items I bought from her:

And oh! I won in her give away! It was my first time to win in a blog contest :D

The seller, Ann also has a blog. Visit for some thrift / pre love / DIY and fashion inspirations. and check as well :)
Much love, TBD :)

Mousse Lips & Happy Tummy! :D

I was never impressed with AVON lipsticks until today. You know those AVON brochures that your neighbor, friend or even colleagues show you? I ENJOOOY looking at it, smelling those rub it here to smell perefume, and others. Luckily, make-ups are on SUPER SALE that's why I instantly bought products. (Not bad na, cause you can pay it naman in terms. HAHA). And this ultra-moisture mousse lipstick is one of it :)

I was looking for a purple shade, thus got the berry mauvy one (left most). Well after trying it on, I was kind of disappointed cause my lips turned out to be old-rosy than purply. But, I was really pleased with its feel on the lips. Its like super duper moisture 10x. My lips got softer in an instant. I made me pout nonstop.

After hours of looking at the mirror, I finally fell in love with the shade, hence the number of pictures.  Oh by the way, I took everything using my IPod Touch :)

Before you guys get tired of seeing my pink lips, I wanna share to you this food discovery …

Movie Fail!

MOVIE FAIL! Last Saturday, July 2 2011 I was supposed to watch transformers with Paolo after my check-up.  Since were going to Sucat to attend a funeral (huling lamay), we decided to go to Resorts World (since its near Sucat) with the hope that we could watch it  on 3D (with unlimited Popcorn) when we got there, the cinemas were packed! The lines were so long that we decided to call it off. We head off to coffee bean to grab a light dinner. We're so pressed with time since we need to be at Sucat as well.

We head off to Sucat to attend the funeral of my cousin's lola. Well for those who don't know me, I am an only child and I grew up very close with my cousins who lived nearby.  Eventhough their grandmother is not my direct relative, I treat them as family. 
Anyways I took a few of outfit poses before I left Resorts. Oh by the way, I used Paolo's Iphone4 and my Ipod touch, hence the images. I post processed almost everything in the Iphone, using the Camera+ App. You would…