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Let's be vain

This is actually a late outfit post from a party I attended 2 weeks ago. My friend, Bev invited me to her mom's 50th party at Tagaytay. Since I'm feeling a bit fashyown that day, I decided to sport animal print ensemble. Initially I thought that I was overdressed for the event, but when we arrived to their rest house, we were suprised that the party was a bit elegant. (See, its really nice to be overdressed than underdressed, Haha!)

Have you noticed that everything I was wearing (except for the boots) are thrifted? Yes! The Joys of thrifting - having to own unique clothes for a cheap price. And oh, I have to thank Valerie Jiongco (my friend, Bev's sister) for taking the awesome photos above (Super thanks Val!!) and giving me the best set of photos for my blogger (and lookbook) yet :)
Since my friends have been teasing me for being so vain, I sort of influenced them to take "fierce" photos with me. I loved it! :D 

and the next set of photos were taken from Bev's …

Korean Drama // Knit-Knots

Its been a while since I made a new blog post and I blame my schedule (and laziness) for it. Anyways, how are you guys doing? Me, I'm really excited for the long weekend cause I'll be going to CDO and Davao with the boyfriend (insert kilig aaaw here). We'll be celebrating our 7th year anniversary in advance (the date is Sept.16) to avoid filing leaves from work. How about your  long weekend plans?:)

Anyways are you guys also watching Korean dramas? Lately, I found myself spending sleepless nights watching 49 days (Pure Love in Channel 2). Honestly I never thought that I'll be hooked in Korean dramas but hey, their dramas are really heart-thrilling and heart-breaking! :)
In line with Korean dramas, I really think that their fashion is really amazing! and since I'm falling more in love with their clothes, I tried a simple Koreanish outfit (also inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Tricia Gosingtian)

I wore this to my date with the boyfriend at bag of beans (it has b…


Weeks ago, I was suffering from a major back pain (upper left area) when I decided to get a massage. My therapist suggested that I get a ventosa to remove the lamig that she is suspecting to be the cause of my back pain.With my eagerness to remove the back pain, I pushed through with the therapy for the first time.

The verdict? Ventosa relaxed my back but it did not cure or even lessen the pain I was feeling that week. Actually, it made it worse. probably my therapist had a wrong diagnosis, cause the pain felt something like naipit na ugat. I was immobile for a few days and the pain lessened 3 weeks after. 
Anyways, here's what I wore to the dinner date with friends the day after.

Since my marks were seen, I topped my outfit with a blazer (I don't have a photo of it cause I'm great like that haha) and spent the night eating, drinking and playing poker with friends :)
and I hate it coz is down. I can't post my look yet.
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Bootie Fair

Over the weekend, I went to the Fort and attended a life changing event. I honestly want to talk about it; what I did, what happened and the like but I'm stopping as to not jinx the future plans.
For the meantime, I will settle for some outfit post (cause I'm also excited about this booties I got from Schu). Haha

Since it has been raining for weeks I decided to wear this pair of nice boots that I got from Schu. Would you believe that I got this for only 799? :) Schu is having a moving out sale at Edsa Shang-rila (which is partly sad) and theyre selling everything at 799! Woah. This is actually one of the first booties I ever bought and it was really SULIT!  :D

This is probably one of my "so-me" outfits. Somewhere between androgyny and girly. I love dresses and skirts and I'm trying to outgrow my bond to it by adding masculinity on it.
P.S: Hopefully things will happen according to plan (Here I go again!) Haha
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Happy Colors

I was always uncomfortable showing my teeth to the camera. I used to have the worst crooked teeth (until I got my braces on) and since then I honed the ability to pose without showing any pearly whites.
However, my friend John urged me to smile for this shoot (well for all shoots I must say) and told me that I have a great smile. I will never believe him until I saw this. Its not really bad from what I expected to be. Would you agree?

I really love the happy vibe this photos show. Thanks again to John for the one of a kind experience! :) I love how he agreed to shoot my newly hoarded accessories from Cebu. This was actually taken right after our city tour at the city and after I insanely bought handicrafts at Lapu lapu shrine. :) Everything's valued at Php 150 and below! :)
Here are more of the raw photos. 

By this time, you would probably know where we did ours shoot. Funny how there were no people coming in and out of Cebu Imperial Palace's elevator and we did our mini shoot smo…