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Making Things Useful

It was one random evening when I decided to DIY an accessory. Probably out of boredom, I decided to sew (Yes SEW!) my old gold and silver chain headbands (that I only wore once) to a seldomly used black beaded necklace. And the result:
 An instant gorgoeous necklace!
Isn't it amazing to make old things useful again? Well, this is my very first Do-It-Yourself necklace and it gives that nice feeling of owning something new without spending a single penny. 
and oh, another thing. Since this post is about making things useful, I recycled one of my (well, my aunt's, actually) ties and turn it into a bracelet! 
I have worn this tie as a necklace (see related post here) and  why not try it as a bracelet? The tie indeed added attitude to my outfit. Do you agree?
Speaking of outfits, this is what I paired to my DYI-ed necklace and my multi-purpose tie.

And here I go again with knotting the edge of the skirt. I love how my look transformed from girly to sexy. ;)

So, Knot or Not? With P…

Denim + Knots

I like how a knot, a vest or a jacket can give attitude to a dress. Just like how knotting this checkered dress made my outfit more sophisticated and how this denim vest gave the look a vintage feel.
Anyways, I wore this yesterday when I went to my auntie's house at fairview. My grandmom usually wants me to wear a simple dress whenever we go out (she finds my choice of outfits really insane) so I brought this denim vest and sneakily put in on and tied my dress for the photo-op. (Photos are always courtesy of the boyfriend, haha!)
I love how my look transformed from plain jane to chic babe. 

Another great thing about this outfit? Well, I am wearing this denim vest that my mom owned for more than a decade! Thank heavens that denim vests are again trending and that my mother did not throw this lovely piece. And yes, my lovely cousin lent me this cute dress that I never thought I'd wear (I always thought that I'd look like a tablecloth, but I was wrong! Haha) 

Don't forge…

7 Years of Pao & Rovie :)

Can I just be cheesy for this night?

We date, we hug, we kiss, we fight, we drive, we talk, we laugh, we cry, we shout, we scream, -- we do things together like we're two connected souls. 
And we're two happy souls that met in the right time, in the right place and in the perfect circumstance, 7 years ago.
Yes its been SEVEN years. And we're looking forward for more.
And here's how I'm trying to summarize how we celebrated the day we fell in love :)

This is actually a post celebration, for we already celebrated our 7th year as a couple during our Davao-CDO trip. Sept.16 is just so meaningful for us that we cannot let the day pass without doing anything cheesy or romantic :P
Anyways, just to give you a glimpse of how we looked like 7 years ago

I  know we both looked way diferent but seeing this pictures gives me back so much memories - how we surpassed 7 years and still so in love.

I'm sorry but when it comes to this, I am cheesy. Way too cheesy! :)


Spree vs Steal: Pumps

I'm such a thrifty dress-up barbie. I love dressing up so much but I'm so kuripot that I frequent tiangge, ukay ukay, mall sales just to sustain my fashion addicition without burning my pockets. Hence, I'm really really excited to share to you the greatest "steal" I had so far.
My Nine West Black Patent Pumps

Yes you read it right. My greatest fashion steal is my pair of Nine West patent pumps! I bought this from an Ukay-ukay at Baguio. Would you believe that I got it for only Php 650 / USD 12.
From Php 3,800 to Php 650 = WHAT A STEAL! I rarely buy shoes from Ukay (cause its really find a good one na maayos pa) but since this was one of the few ones that was in a VERY good, looks like new condition (and fits perfectly to my gigantic size 40 feet) and bought it without second thoughts!  Sulit diba? :)
Anyways, I wore this pair for the first time to attend the birthday celebration of Paolo's dad at Tong Yang. Since it was a family affair, I wanted to sport a sm…

Peaches & Cream

This is what I wore during the shoot with Laureen Uy and other fashion blogggers last Saturday.

Decided to wear something very girly and comfortable for the day of the shoot. I couldn't explain my excitement walking inside the studio (and seeing one) -- it was surreal. 

Moreover, being dolled up by professional make up artists and stylists is another notable experience. Its really different when a real MUA does your make-up -- Everything looked so much better.

I honestly bought a lot of bottoms to prepare for the shoot (which was not really needed) and  this cream colored silk shorts was one of them. Its actually a shorts with a pleated skirt on top of it, which I love cause it gave me the freedom of wearing a very short, girly skirt and the comfort to move around with it.

and have you noticed the sweet pastel colorblocking of the outfit? I love how it added to the gilry-comfy feel that Im trying to achieve that day.
And oh, it was also Paolo and I's 7th year anniversary week…

BTS: Century Tuna x Laureen Uy

I was privileged to win Laureen Uy's BMS x Century Tuna contest on her blog which gave me a chance to be with her and other fashion bloggers in a shoot for Cosmopolitan Magazine. I was really thrilled when I got a message from Laureen herself that she chose me as the winner!! --- A photoshoot for the country's top magazine, and a chance to meet her in person! :)
I could not explain my excitement when the day arrived. Meeting Laureen Uy was amazing. She's really (stunningly) pretty, nice, accommodating and very (surprisingly) BECKY! :D And since it was my very first photo shoot, she promised me that she would make it a memorable one.
And it really was :-)

It was indeed one of the greatest, first time experiences A photoshoot for Cosmo Magazine, the chance to meet the fashion bloggers that I IDOLIZE and be up close with  two of Preview's Best Dressed for 2011.

It was like a dream come true.
Again, thanks Laureen for this exprience. Your sweet and kind personality made t…


Okay I admit, I've been on a blogging hiatus for so many days. It has been a very busy week and now, I'm distracted in watching too much SPARTACUS. (Yes, when I watch a series, I really watch to the point that I neglect a lot of things, haha) Well, back to business, this red ensembble is what I wore during my last day at Cagayan de Oro.

Yet another ethnic inspired outfit. Decided to wear this to hide the sunburn my skin suffered from CDO's White Water Rafting.

I felt very comfortable moving with this outfit that the fabric did not hurt my freshly sunburnt skin. It also complemented my skin color, eh?
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