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Early for All Saints' Day :)

New Shots from my new baby, Nikon D3000! My photos improved a lot, I must say. Credits to the boyfriend for taking all my shots. He did a great job :) Anyhoo. I love this fringe-y top I thrifted weeks ago. So simple yet striking. This is one of those outfits wherein you do not need to accesorize a lot cause the shirt speaks for itself- a statement on its own.  Since I needed a comfortable outfit, I decided to wear this earlier when we visited my great grandparents at Loyola Cemetery. And since I just bought a new camera, my folks enjoyed taking snapshots.

We made an early & quick visit cause we had to check our great grandparent's headstones. It was again stolen (for the second time) and we had to supervise its replacement. Poor service. I hope next time the administartion wont let this happen again. It was also a good idea to make an early visit to avoid traffic. We hurried back home cause Paolo & I decided to watch PFW on the afternoon. (Will post photos soon) :)

Much L…

PFW S/S 2012: Arnold Galang, Gerry Katigbak & Jun Jun Cambe.

Again, I arrived late for Wednesday's PFW S/S 2012: Arnold Galang, Gerry Katigbak & Jun Jun Cambe. Expectedly, I was on standing row and I brought a point and shoot cam. My pictures cannot attest to the wonderful collection of these 3 great designers but here's a snapshot of what I was able to witness last Wednesday.

I love his crisp GERRY KATIGBAK

Nautical Stripes, Colorblocking pieces, happy colors -- I love Gerry Katigbaks's  collection. Something I look forward to summer of 2012


Neo Japanese! I was stunned with Jun jun Cambe's collection. I love the fusion of japanese inspired pieces to sexy feminine. I can't wait to mix and match oriental prints for next year :)

My pictures cannot show how stunning  their colllection is, but take my word for it -- it was indeed awesome. Big thanks to Angel of Wonder Woman Rises for giving me tickets for this show. She is the bestest blogger friend ever.

Anyone watching Jerome Salaya Ang lat…

For pear shaped

For pear shaped by roviedear featuring fitted dresses

Whoa. Didn't know that this will be published. Anyways I selected this items from polyvore cause I'm helping a friend out. She's asking for some tips on what clothes to wear for someone who has a pear shaped body like hers. Since I'm on the girly-flirty side, the items on top are what I reccomended. Would you agree?

PFW S/S 2012: Sexy Safari

Since my camera's battery died before the show ended, I also failed to make an outfit shot (Boo-Boo). So I decided to take my OOTD shots the day after. Yes! I took this shots the next day, before I went to work. (Umeffort pa talagang magpalit! Haha)

I initially planned to wear this only sexy corset dress to the PFW until I found this awesome top at a boutique that I accidentally found in Mandaluyong called Butterfly Kisses. I ran on a flat tire while driving to work last Monday and had to take my car to a vulcanizing shop. Unfortunately, the shop didn't have a change for my money that's why I walked around and look for places that I could have it changed -- then I discovered  Butterflly Kisses. The animal-printed skirt hanging on their mannequin caught my attention and I entered the store to inquire -- only to find out that it was a top! Really cool :) 

Anyways, back to bloggging, can you just imagine how many safety pins I used just to pull off this outfit? Tons! I had t…

Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2012: L'Oreal Presents Micheal Cinco

No words can express my happiness after witnessing my first ever fashion show. And to see the Greecian Collection of WGSN's Breakthrough designer of the year, Micheal Cinco was impeccable. The experience was overwhelming

I came in very late and I wasn't able to get a nice location. I only have few shots -- mostly blurred and zoomed. And another boo-boo, my battery camera died halfway to the show. These are the only photos I have.

And why did my camera die when Anne Curtis was about to finish the show? I only got a few shots of her on that gorgeous red dress and mostly were blurred. Sadly, my pictures cannot depict how amazing Micheal Cinco's creations were. It was amazing.
To see more of Micheal Cinco's Collection, you may check Philippine Fashion Week's Official
Thanks for reading :) Much Love, TBD

Floral Prints

I loved how my photos turned vintage-y after I edited it using photoscape. It sort of gave me an emotional feel upon post processing. (Weird, but emo songs are playing on my head as I blog. Haha!). Anyways, this is my first attempt to do a floral print on print look. I've been trying hard to shy away from wearing girly and cutesy outfits (as I feel that I am getting old for such sweet fashion) and trying my best to dress up more maturely and more sophisticated.
But, I just can't deny that outfits like this bring comfort. Especially when I only need to dress up cause I had to accompany my mom and my lola to the nearest hardware and scout for the cheapest tiles! (Our house will undergo a slight renovation cause we were affected by Pedring). Talk about overdressing. LOL

Since I'll only be out to do some hardware hopping, I initially planned to pair the floral top with denim shorts but changed my mind til saw this floral skirt. It made me want to try a floral print on print l…

Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012

I'm so excited to watch Philippine Fashion Week for the first time! I'm so glad that a friend gave me tickets for 3 shows (insert scream here). I am so thrilled to see local fashion designers & models gather as it will be my first time to watch a fashion show! 
More than that,  I am also excited to see fashion bloggers there! It will definitely be a fashion heaven! :)

However, I have to prepare as I am about to watch my first show later 7:30 PM as Lo'real Paris Philippines Presents Micheal Cinco. Hope to see you guys there! :)
Much Love, TBD

Knit on Heat

On a mall date with the family, I decided to wear the comfiest outfit I could ever think of - flats and a pair of shorts.And since the heat was scorching last Sunday, I decided to spice up a simple pair of shorts with a knitted vest and combat boots. Something that could perfectly beat the heat.

Top: Kamiseta // Shorts: Random Buy from Eastwood Tiangge // Knitted Vest: Random // Bag: Thrifted // Boots: Mom's // Belt: Mom's
This pair of boots is becoming one of my favorites. I loved how my mom managed to keep this (I remember seeing this in our room when I was in grade school) and how much I hated it when I was younger. Now I'm the one who's using it more! This is a proof that trends come and go -- this pair was in during the 90's and now its having its comeback. :)
Anyways, I initially planned to wear a Knit-on-knit look:
Top: Thrifted // Earrings: From a Bazaar // Hat: Metrowalk
But the boyfriend was upset cause he was not comfortable with my outfit. He won't…