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What I wore to the Meg Up & Coming Party & Barcino

Happy Wednesday Holiday Dolls! Just Sharing you what I wore to the Meg Up & Coming event last Saturday. I was feeling a little chic and feminine that's why I tried wearing sequins and lace together. Coincidentally, I was also wearing the top I bought from Camille Co last Supersale Bazaar! I hope you liked how I combined 2 trends together: lace & sequins.

Top: TOPSHOP (From Camille Co / Supersale Bazaar) Tube top (used as skirt): SPACE Dress (used as cape): THRIFTED Shoes: NAFNAF
After the event at KYSS, Marie and I followed the boyfriend and his friends at Barcino Greenbelt 3.

 And of course, had to take everyone's outfit shots. Haha. 

 Of course, So proud of my very first styling! Haha. Lent Marie my FOXYFASHIONHUB Palazzo Pants and Tassel Earrings from BUBBLES. Sosyal lang ng peg <3

It was indeed a fun night for us, seeing fashion bloggers, feeling like fashion bloggers and having great company with wonderful people. <3
Ganda lang ng shot lakas makaFIERCE! haha

Meg Up & Coming Fashion Bloggers' Night: Laureen Uy & Camille Co

I instantly joined Laureen Uy's giveaway when she posted that she's giving away free passes for the Meg Up & Coming Event at KYSS last friday, November 25.. No I did not win but FORTUNATELY, I had a little angel who made me her +1 for this event! No other than a new blogger friend, Marie Castro of You know how deep love I have for these 2 bloggers and seeing them again (and again) is never tiring for me. That's why I am so thankful that an online friend trusted me and made me her company. In exchange of me being her ate, make-up artist and stylist for the night :)

Our photobooth pictures! So cute! :D And mind you, I will flood you guys with plenty of photos cause we were such big fan girls we took pictures with almost all bloggers there! And since Marie wasn't able to bring her camera, I am blogging on her behalf too! So pardon us for a lot of photos. We were just really thrilled! Yay! So many photos. We both enjoyed the night. W…

Foxy Fashion Girls

Two Saturdays ago, I was fortunate to meet my very first giveaway sponsor, Rochelle of FOXYFASHIONHUB. I am very flattered that she trusted me on this, as I am still very new in fashion blogging. I am very happy to have found a new friend & fashion sister in her -- very sweet, nice and above all really pretty!
Of course I took Rochelle's outfit shot. I LOVE her outfit!

Rochelle has a sweet style! I instanly fell in love with her top, and I purchased it on the spot. Oh she's wearing clothes from FOXYFASHIONHUB :)

Rochelle took my outfit shot too! Wearing an acid-wash printed dress bought from Lissa Kahayon (again) from the supersale bazaar! (Another thrift item). Now, we are looking forward to another THEBARGAINDOLL x FOXYFASHIONHUB collaboration. Watch out for it soon.
And yes, we spent our Saturday afternoon on a coffee date at Starbucks Metrowalk. Hihi.
Don't forget to check Rochelle's online shop here. All items are awesome! P.S. Check my look in LOOKBOOK &…

Comfy but Rebel

Hey dolls! How's your weekend so far? Mine's quite tiring but fun! Got home an hour ago from Laguna (to check the boyfriend's car at a shop and also visit my relatives there). Also spent a great friday night with a reader and a friend, Marie Castro (of who made me her +1 for the Meg Up & Coming Event with Laureen Uy & Camille Co at KYSS. (Thanks again sweet cakes for the chance-- will blog about this tomorrow hihi).
Anyways, just sharing you a laiback, almost rebel-looking outfit I wore earlier today.

Since I was only going to Laguna for a quick visit,  decided to go for a very casual and basic look - tank top and jeans. Its wonderful how putting on a pair of boots changed my look. As they say, shoes either makeor break your outfit. In this case, my shoes "made" my outfit somewhat rebellious. (Well I think! Haha)

Top: Playboy  Jeans: BNY Boots: Rome Shades: Rayban
Funny how Paolo managed to take my outfit shots at Shell…