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2011 was a Great Year Because... (Part 2)

I know, I know. Its already 2012 but its only now that I'm finishing of my 2011 greatest memories. I've been a very busy child, and I had a lot of gatherings that I attended to. Anyways, going back, let me show you the other half of the reasons why 2011 was one my greatest years so far.

OH MY GAWD I'M ON A MAGAZINE!! :) It was never in my wildest dream that a day will come and I'll be featured in a top magazine, especially in Cosmopolitan. I will forever be grateful that I joined (my favorite blogger) Laureen Uy's contest, picked the best t-shirt that describes myself and gave the BESTest answer. I can remember how I jumped up & down (like a crazy little girl) when I recieved a message from Laureen saying that I won the contest. I was so ecstatic. I can't believe that: (1) I'lll be on a photoshoot (2) with the blogger I idolize (3) on Cosmopolitan! 
It was truly an awesome experience! To be dolled up by professional make-up artists, be styled by a top f…

2011 was a Great Year Because... (Part 1)

2011 has been a good year for me. A year filled with many firsts, fulfillment and frustrations. However, as this year comes to an end, I would love to look back on the greatest memories this year has given me..
The Bargain Doll / Lookbook / Chictopia
I never imagined myself as a blogger when I was growing up.  I can remember how obsessed I was with school and find no time in other social networking platforms ( except for friendster then, facebook now) which I carried until I started working. Only after 23 years, I came across my friends' sister, Valerie Harley's lookbook that I started leaning towards dressing up. I am always so kuripot (I grew up from a very simple family and currently the breadwinner) but this did not hinder my fascination on fashion. Thus, THE BARGAIN DOLL came to existence. I will forever be thankful to the blogs that inspired me to start mine, and a friend, Marianne Marcial, if I wasn't able to view her blogspot, (SUPERLOVED) I would not even dare to …

The Day After Christmas

Outfit details: Dress: H&M ( Shoes: F & H || Necklace: Cocco
It has been tradition that the boyfriend, Paolo celebrates Christmas with me & my family. However he wasn't able to make it this year (but HE went to our house, 12:12am of Dec 26 sayang di umabot!) so we decided to just go out on a date the next day. We also make sure that we watch at least one MMFF film annually so we decided to watch Asiong Salonga at Rockwell.  Envelope Clutch Bag:Avon || Belt:Celine 
I've been wanting to wear this H&Mdress I bought from myownthriftshop and finally I got the chance! Paolo kept on complaining how I made him look underdressed & how I made him look short cause of my 6-inch pumps! Well its not my fault that these babies from F&H are surprisingly comfortable. :D Apparently, Paolo liked Rockwell's holiday fixtures and he wont stop taking shots. Haha! After watching Manila Kingpin, we head over to Cibo for some Italian dinner. Funny h…

Sweet Christmas

I know its a couple of days late, but I want to greet you guys a Merry Christmas! :)  Sharing you what I wore on the most wonderful day of the year, and I tried to make it happy as possible! We celebrated our Christmas at our auntie's house (all the way to Novaliches and we're from Navotas) so my Lola wanted me to wear something sweeter and simpler (cause again, they find my choice of clothing really eccentric) so this is what I came up to -- a tank top, a skirt, topped with my lola's blazer. Since I wanted to still put a little style, I decided to play around with Christmas colors (for some color blocking effect). I feel a couple of years younger with this look! Haha
My cousin, Kevin Divinagracia took my photos outside our house! So you can notice the tricycle at the background! (tuloy parin sa pic, addict lang!) And my kuya was so great in taking stolen shots!
And apparently, can't decide whether yo put my hair up or down. Anyways, as for the outfit details: Top: TOP…