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Tagaytay Photo Diary

I was at Tagaytay last week for a number of days for work. It was one of my busiest out-of-town, work-related trips hence my absence from blogging for a number of days. However would like to share to your some of the goodthings I experienced during my 5-day stay (Yes, I'd share the not-so-busy-photo moments)

Taal Vista Lodge  Room Shot Caramel Frap from Buon Giorno Myself, during breakfast Dessert from Antonio's  Antonio's seafood Sampler Buon Giorno My worn out oxfords --
It was freezing cold in Tagaytay (to my suprise) that I had a terrible headache on my first few days of stay (really can't handle cold temperature!) Only had a chance to wear a scarf on my last day (which I'll blog about soon).
For now I have to sleep as I have to be in Marriot for our business conference later at 8AM.  That's all folks :)
Have a great week ahead! Rovie, THE BARGAIN DOLL

Stelly Bow

Bow Headband: THE BEAD DIARY Top: THRIFTED || Skirt: MAPLEBERRY || Pumps: F&H
 It was a random holiday Monday (last Jan 23), so Paolo and I decided to try out Bonchon Chicken for dinner. Since we're just going for a quick, "mini" date, I dressed down and style my outfit a bit by putting on a cute Stelly bow headband from The Bead Diary and of course, the never-failing statement pumps from F&H.  Pao had a hard time taking my outfit shot due to the light conditions inside Il Terrazo, that's why he took my photos part by part. I hope it worked :)
Just a glimpse on how we pampered ourselves with calories that day:
PS: I'm grateful that I'm able to update my blog after 3 days. Was to preoccupied with work (was at Tagaytay the past week for a convention) and had no time updating. I really hope I can update you guys more this weekend as I'm flying out to Hong Kong next week for a company trip. (Define busy!)  For the meantime, I hope you can hype my loo…

Perry Colorful

Blue Skirt (used as a top): THRIFTED || Skirt: THRIFTED Shoes: JELLYBEAN || Necklace: BUBBLES Headpiece: THE BEAD DIARY
Yes yes. This colorful outfit is what I wore when Paolo and I watched Katy Perry's concert at MOA Concert Grounds last Sunday (1/22/12). Remember the cute top I was wearing last New Year? Well it's actually a skirt and since the cute girl reminds me so much of Katy Perry, I decided to wear it again, (this time, as a skirt) cause I wanna channel a super girly, colorful look just like the popstar. :)
Unfortunately the bouncers did not allow us to bring my D3000 inside the grounds (eventhough we're on the bronze area), so boo, no pictures for us! Nevertheless we enjoyed the concert (despite our initial hatred for Katy Perry for making us wait for more than 2 hours (hey its hard to stand that long in heels!) and left us tired and really starving (Thank heavens there's a Mcdo Stall that sold a ripped off hundred peso double cheeseburger)
However all our a…

The Bead Diary

Lovely! What's more fun is she put the date & time she finished creating the accesories -- just like a diary. I got so overwhelmed with the cute stuff that I immediately wear them the next day. Here's the outfit I came up with: Headpiece: THE BEAD DIARY || Dress (White) used as top: THRIFTED Skirt: THRIFTED || Belt:CELINE Shoes: DEXTER (Payless Shoe Source)
And since its also the Chinese New Year, I wanted to wear something oriental inspired. :) For inquiries regarding THE BEAD DIARY, you may visit their website HERE.

Hope you're having a great Chinese New Year! <3
Photo Credits to: Paolo Peralta Much Love,  Rovie, THE BARGAIN DOLL

January Hauls

I'm an impulsive thrifty shopper. Whenever I go out to shop (well most of the time I don't plan my shopping schedule, I just buy items when I it's on sale or something like that) I always see to it that I wont exceed my planned budget (which usually won't go over a thousand bucks everytime I'm out). However I feel like I way exceeded my kuripot budget cause of the left and right mall wide sales. Here are some of the "sulit" buys I made the past couple of weeks. I rarely shop this much but hey, since its on sale, I feel like I won a jackpot prize scoring the shoes for less than a thousand each. The sad news is I won't be having much of this shopping sprees as I have invested for a pre-selling condo unit. It is an investment I'm sharing with my boyfriend Paol, which we intend to be our future house. So I'm saying good bye to impulsive, budget-friendly shopping and put my small, hard earned money to a future property. 
 :) Hope you like this post…

Thrifted Black Dress

Dress: THRIFTED || Necklace: ANAGON COLLECTION Shoes: F & H || Bag: MAGS
Chic and Sophisticate. Paolo and I are looking for an affordable (when we say affordable, we mean presyong pang empleyado lol!) condominium property hence the outfit I wore during a meeting with a friend / sales agent at BGC. I love how Anagon's Collar Necklace just made my look very chic and sophisticated. It is probably the best necklace to style up a little black dress, which in my case is a P50 thrift find.
Anyway, I'm sorry guys for last night's dramatic twitter and blog moments. I have deleted my negative post, as I'm trying to stay optimistic despite the challenges. I'm a happy person that I can't afford to make me, my readers, friends and family sad. So I'm smiling now :)
Don't forget to hype my look guys!

Photo Credits to: Paolo Peralta Much Love,