The Bead Diary

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A good friend, Cheska started this hobby of creating cute head pieces and accessories, hence the birth of THE BEAD DIARY. I was so touched when she told me that she's gonna send me some goodies from her shop! And the moment I opened the package, I got too excited upon seeing these cute babies! <3
Lovely! What's more fun is she put the date & time she finished creating the accesories -- just like a diary. I got so overwhelmed with the cute stuff that I immediately wear them the next day. Here's the outfit I came up with:
Headpiece: THE BEAD DIARY || Dress (White) used as top: THRIFTED
Shoes: DEXTER (Payless Shoe Source)

And since its also the Chinese New Year, I wanted to wear something oriental inspired. :)
For inquiries regarding THE BEAD DIARY, you may visit their website HERE.

Hope you're having a great Chinese New Year! <3

Photo Credits to: Paolo Peralta
Much Love, 

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AVA said...

can i just faint with all the cuteness going on?? gah! will like her page!

Monryofrancesca said...

I like :D <3

Monroyfrancesca said...

The Owl matches your skirt and your shoes! I love it! :D <3

Totes adorable!

Chyrel Gomez said...

love the print of your skirt. :)

It'll be an honor, ava! Glad you like it <3 :)

aaaaw. Thank you Cheska <3

hi chyrel!! thanks :)

Thestyleflux said...

Cute headpieces! :) Love your skirt, so colorful :)