Shoe Makeover

11:48 PM roviedear 28 Comments

Top: Gift From BF || Shorts: Random || Boots: ROME
Bag: THRIFTED || Glasses: Fifth Ave

I went to Laguna with my mom and Paolo yesterday and since we'll have a long drive (from Navotas) I decided to wear a comfortable top and denim shorts. It's amazing how a pair of boots and a statment top gave an instant style on my outfit. (Big thanks to the boyfriend for giving me this cute top a couple of years back during his US trip). :)

Another amazing thing about this look is my boots' quirky makeover.
 Im sure you remember this pair of boots I wore for a couple of outfit shots.
The question is, how do I style my shoes differently?
 So I was walking around Terranova (At SM Annex) and I saw this wear as you want tie. 
And I said to myself: "What a great idea to re-style my shoes!"
 And here's the final product:

TA DA!! The same but a bit different, right? :)

Anyways, I just got home from Laguna a couple of hours ago. Gotta rest now. Don't forget to hype my look :)


Much Love,

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vinayabut said...

That's cool! :p Cute LA top, too!

Kookie B. said...

love how simple yet edgy this look is.

Thestyleflux said...

Lovin the casual edgy look! and I love the great add on to the boots! :)


Abinavarrete said...

great bag!

Denise said...

Nice DIY project Rovie! :)

Thecreativediva said...

That's cute! Nice top;-)

Momma Y

msavila33 said...

Love the shoes. Great look :)

The background blends well with your edgy outfit! =)

mstine15 said...

cute outfit :)

ms eggplant said...

great job, awesome idea. you look super cute :)

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Itsroxy said...

Love this rovie dear :DD love the booties!

new blog :D

Chyrel Gomez said...

Love the shoe make-over! And I'm crazy for your fringe bag!!

aaw. thanks vina! :)

very kookie B insipired ang look na ito :) thank you!!

thank you kayeee <3

thanks dear <3

thanks denise! glad you liked it!!!

thanks momma y <3

its just a random wall in QC haha! :D thanks!!

thank youuu :)

hi roxy <3 thank you!! :)

thank you chyrel!!

Imsu said...

I love the look. I'm really liking your bag!


Superniknok said...

Cool DIY! xx

The Niknok


Tanya said...

Cool DIY! :) How much is it?


evankristine said...

great idea! so rad. so going to try that to some of my boots :) nice blog, btw! E. (

thanks :) yes try it! instant makeover! :)

thank you dear! :)