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Heels during SG City Tour? Not!

Dress used as top: Twenty one || Skirt: Thrifted Shoes: H&M || Necklace: Bubbles
Pao and I went for a city tour and met-up with friends during our 3rd day in Singapore. Since I haven't worn anything girly since the trip, decided to wear the only lady-like outfit I brought so as to finally look very feminine in the photos (I deserve that proper engagement photo, by the way). However, I wasn't able to bring any cute / girly flats that will match the outfit so I had no choice but to pair it up with my JC inspired H&M booties. However, only after a couple of hours walking around Bugis Street and SimLim, my feet gave up! I cannot walk properly anymore that's why I decided to buy flats. I feel so happy to discover Cotton On's shoe brand, RUBI which sold flats as low as SGD 12.50 (Less than Php 500). I was so amazed on how affordable and stylish their shoes were that I wasn't able to resist buying more than a pair . Haha! Luckily the fiance felt really generous a…

Comfortably Stylish: What I wore to USS

Top: Thrifted || Denim Shorts: Tiangge Sandals: Rubi (gift) || Hat: Bench || Shades: Gift  Ring: Sarah Tirona || Gold Necklace: Bubbles || Gray Necklace: Cousins
Hi dolls! How's your weekend so far? Mine's a bit packed cause my cousin Aimee, who's based in Singapore is home for a quick visit (and we'll be driving her later to the airport) and we had a mini celebration in lieu of her birthday (and my engagement too) hehe :) Anyhoo, sharing to you guys what I wore when Pao and I went to Universal Studios Singapore last week. I had to wear something really comfortable so I could move around and enjoy the rides, thus I had no choice but to wear flats. Fortunately my cousin, kuya Bj gave me this pair of sandals from RUBI (my new favorite shoe brand) and it made me travel in style. Just had to put on statement pieces -- from shoes, to the knitted top and to the accessories to not sacrifice style for comfort. And the result: A reallly edgy - laidback look :)
Hope you're…

Universal Studios Singapore Photodiary (of Pao & Rovie)

This is probably the cheesiest blog entry I have. Not because I have so many romantic words for my fiance but because the photos I'll be sharing are nothing but ours! :) I hope you can forgive me but we were both very happy cause that day (02.17.2012) was the first day that we are officially engaged. We looked and felt like we were in college again -- that lovey-dovey feeling we had when we just became boyfriend & girlfriends seven years ago. Haha :)
So here's the Cheesy Paolo & Rovie USS Photodiary: We arrived at Universal Studios after lunch. Being a kid at heart, I was so giddy to try out all the rides! (Even watched Shrek at Donkey movies, haha). Probably the highlight of the day was when Pao and I rode the Jurassic ride that lead us into getting soaked! Yes we're stupid like that not to bring extra clothes and thrifty enough to not buy coats or rent a dryer. Haha. At least it was an unforgettable experience-- to watch the waterworld adevnture, road the mummy …

The Proposal at Sentosa & Photodiary

Top: Random buy in Malabon || Shorts: Random Socks: Oro || Oxfords: Shoe Gallery Hat: Bench || Glasses: Fifth Ave
If you have been reading my blog, you know that my boyfriend forseven years, Paolo proposed to me in this spot in Palawan Beach Sentosa. I was lured into thinking that the reason why we went to this spot is to take my outfit shot during the sunset. Which at that time I thought was a great idea to post to my blog. It is, right? Since I still can't get over the "proposal madness" and a lot of my friends (cyber or real life) are asking for the details, let me share with you how the engagement happened.
My cousin, Kuya Bj took our photo but since the sun wasn't setting yet, Paolo told me that I can still put my make-up on so he could take my outfit shots. Feeling really excited, I quickly fixed myself as I was really looking forward to a sunset outfit shot. After numerous clicks (and pictures with my cousins), my Kuya noticed that the sun was already setting and i…