Tagaytay Chill

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Bonnet & Scarf: Kultura || Top: Red Head
Leggings: Random || Oxfords: Juan by Janylyn

I was in tagaytay a couple of weeks ago for work and I must say that the weather there was perfect! Cold and windy -- really gave me shiver throughout my stay there. Since I was not able to bring enough sweaters to give me some warmth, I bought some scarves and bonnets at the Kultura Butik in Taal Vista Hotel. So right after eating breakfast I had to endure to cold weather for the sake of my laidback, chill outfit in Tagaytay.

Hope you like my post! Here's to another work week ahead :)

PS: I tried the Lookbook's pixlr editor and I think it's so nice :) I should use that tool more often.

Photo credits to: Paolo Peralta 

Much Love,

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AVA said...

adore your colorful scarf and beanie!

Arra said...

The scarf is lovely. :)

I love your scarf rovie <3

Eric R said...

love the crazy print on your scarf, rovie. Kultura has always been one of my favorite shops.

♥ Chaos with a Capital K ♥

Thestyleflux said...

Really love that kind of weather! and the dressing that comes with it too.. Love the print of your scarf by the way :)


Julie Lan said...

the print on the scarf is so pretty!

Lamia said...

Love the scarf ! http://glitterytimes.blogspot.com/

Vina said...

Seeing the brogues again! Heeh. I really love it! :)


Themissys said...

your brogues! Inggit ako :/ I cant find a perfect pair for me since i have a really huge shoe sizwe

Gizelle Faye said...

la-la-love the scarf...its colors and size just adds oomph to the laid-back outfit. <3

ps. thank you for the glitter DIY post because it reminded me to do my own with one of the discarded flats i have lying around...hihi.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

thanks guys! apologies for not being able to reply to your comments! :)