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Comfy for Summer

Tank top & White polo: H&M || Shorts: Tiangge || Shoes & Watch: Rubi Bag: Tuccini (Gift from the BF) || Necklace: Bubbles || Hat & Glasses: Tiangge
Hi dolls! How are you doing? As of presstime, I am in Palawan for work (and travel). I just flew in yesterday, and even though it is raining really hard in Manila, it's all sunny here in Puerto Princesa. I wore this yesterday and since I was travelling, I had to be in really comfortable clothes. I wanted to look cool for summer and since I had to be in flats, I just made my outfit stylish through color combination. 
Sharing your few photos of how my day went yesterday: Our 11am flight was delayed for an hour so we arrived late lunch at Puerto Princesa
Had lunch at Balinsasayaw. They serve really sumptous seafood for a VERY affordable price! (See that King Crab? It's only P300!) :) Then after a day of touring around, we had dinner at Kalui. A very beautiful place where you have to enter barefooted and see a lot of arti…

I'm Sitting Down Here

Polo, Top & Shorts: Foxy Fashion Hub || Shoes: F&H
But Hey you can see me.. Yes, I just sang a line from a song (and I'm corny like that) cause I particularly like these set of photos that a good friend, Rochelle and I (along with our boyfriends) shot for her clothing line,  FOXYFASHIONHUB. (In case you're not familiar, Foxyfashionhub is an online shop that offers a lot of stylish and affordable clothes. You can visit the page here.) My boyfriend and I often call this the "poop" pose but I think works naman for me. You think so?
Anyways, I had to make this really quick. I've been VERY busy with work the past couple of  weeks and I had little time to update  my blog (and ship my giveaway items, im really sorry!) Well, because I was tasked by my boss to  participate in a dance performance that we performed in Unilab Bayanihan Day last friday. So right after work, I had to rush for our practice (that happened for 2 weeks) and go home (from Mandaluyong to Ma…

Backlog: HK Diaries 2012 City Tour

Dress and Coat: Thrifted || Boots: Payless  Bag: Nine West || Scarf:  Kultura
I was browsing over my photos when I saw some of my photos from our Hong Kong trip a couple of months ago. I know this was a  bit overdue and I just wanted to share with  you what I wore on our last day (whic was alloted for City Tour). I wanted to wear this cute scarf I got from  Kultura that's why the choice of colors. I have thrifted the dress and the coat for quite sometime and thank goodness for the incentive trip, I was able to wear them. Anyway, sharing with you some of the highlights during our tour.  MTR Station || Group Photos || Shopping || Food Republic & Starbucks And because my feet got so tired from too much walking, I had to change to flats. (You can probably see my tired face here) :) And since no one was available to take my outfit shots, I only have few to share. 

Hope you had a great weekend guys :)
Much Love, TBD

Leather Red

Dress: Overrun || Vest: Thifted || Shoes: Finio (Payless Shoesource)
It was love at first sight when I saw this red shirt/dress on a nearby boutique (in Malabon) that sells thrifted and export overruns. What's more surprising is they are selling all of their dresses for only P150!:) Imagine how I developed an instant fondness with the shop for allowing me to get edgy clothes for a very low price. Anyhoo, about my look, I wore this when Pao and I went venue-hopping  and made ocular visits to possible wedding reception last weekend. I know I was a bit overdressed but I can't find a proper time to wear this dress but that weekend. I've been wanting to wear it the moment I bought it (I initially planned to wear it on my birthday but changed my mind because it was too edgy for the "bright summer theme"). I loved how it looked punk when paired with my thrifted leather vest and high cut boots. And oh, did I mention that I got those pair of boots from Payless shoesource…

Hippie on Repeat

Top & Jeans: Thrifted || Shoes:H & M  Hat: Bench || Necklace: NAFNAF
Earlier today my folks and I went to a nearby mall and I had to be in the most comfortable and laidback clothes possible. (I just had to wear my booties for photo purposes but I slipped on  my flats right after). I have actually worn this thrifted top over a year ago and since summer is arriving, I had to re-wear it with a different style. I just can't let the summer pass without wearing this top for its wonderful colors. It instantly gives a hippie vibe that makes any outfit instantly stylish. Really worth the thrift, huh?
Anyway, just to give you a glimpse on ow I wore it last year.. See? I wore this last year when my family and I went to Zambales for our summer outing. I'm just glad how my style has grown and it enabled me to re-wear the top in a better way. Anyways, I was just trying to say that it's fine to re-wear clothes only if you style it differently! So never think twice if you would …