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I Love my Coffee Cold

With Manila's scorching heat, the best way to refresh is to sip a cold coffee. So before Pao and I went to the Mazda CX5 launch at NBC tent at The Fort last Sunday, I asked him to get me a Mocha Frappuccino in a nearby Starbucks drive thru. And since I haven't finished my drink when we arrived at NBC tent, I told him to take my outfit shots with my frap.
And I love how he creatively took my photos. (In fairnes, Pao's photography skills are getting better and better!) Thrifted top and Random Sunnies Another P100 Skirt I bought from Edsa Central! Why would I buy only one if there are a lot of great finds in the place?  I bought this along with the mullet skirt I wore on this post. Great find, right?:P Marc Jacobs Bag H&M Booties

Don't forget to hype my look!  Have a great Sunday!
Much Love, TBD

Food Tasting Experience: Illustrado

When you're getting married, the exciting part is to look for the church, venue and possible suppliers on your big day. But my fiance and I discovered something more exciting about wedding preparations -- the food tasting invites!! Haha! We both have big appetites and every time there's a grand food tasting invites , we make sure that we can be present. (Halatang matakaw e! Haha!)
So last Saturday, Pao and I went to Illustrado's Grand food tasting in their Restaurant at Intramuros. Since we are still looking for caterers (we haven't fully decided where to hold our reception in Tagaytay) we were very much interested to try their offering.
And I love their theme for the day -- Japanese Zen! I never thought that cherry blossoms and pink are so refreshing in the eyes. I kept on asking Paolo if he would like to have the same theme. He didn't give me an answer. Haha Now let's go to the best part.. the food!
The Buffet Table Since its only for food tasting, they serv…

A Hint of Orange

Finally! I'm able to blog after a 2-day separation from my laptop! It felt weird not being able to write on blogger (felt more like a separation anxiety haha). And before I head to SMX for Uniqlo's event, let me share with you an outfit I wore last Saturday, when Pao and I went to Illustrado for a food tasting event and when I attended Bo's Coffee Bloggers event at Glorietta.
I never thought that I could score a nicely printed mullet skirt for only a hundred bucks. It was a random find at Edsa Central Mall in Shaw Blvd, just after my checkup at Healthfirst. There were stalls that are selling clothes for only P60 - P100! Being the Bargain Lover that I am, I bought the best item I saw there -- this mullet skirt.
To make my outfit more sophisticated, I paired it with this Anne Klein top I borrowed from my cousin and accessorized with my Bubblesnecklace. I wanted to put a hint of orange on my outfit for a summery feel, hence the matching colors of my necklace and my bag :) Of…

Because a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Give Mom a Caricature from Marriott Manila!

If there’s one person that has a penchant for delicious, gourmet meal, that’s mom. For someone who cooks up a meticulous meal for the family, it’s no wonder why she has discerning taste buds. With this, there’s surely no other venue where she can indulge and celebrate her love for good food other than Marriott Café. Bring the whole family for Sunday Brunch, where it offers an upscale but a cozy venue to enjoy a promise of bigger, better, and heavier selections for brunch. And not to mention, everything gourmet! With 17 stations including Cru Steakhouse and chocolate room for only P2, 500 net per head, Marriott Café got everything what a family would crave for from the healthiest greens, house-made pasta, savory steaks, to well-crafted cocktails. To pay tribute to the woman that matters most, for every minimum of P12, 000 net worth of receipt is entitled to an instant free caricature for mom! Since we believe that whatever hat she wears, mom is always at her most beautiful. On Mother’s D…

TV5's Kanta Pilipinas Updates

Breakout and breakthroughs at SM City Batangas the last on-ground audition The last streak may just be it. TV5's newest and biggest singing reality search Kanta Pilipinas held its last on-ground auditions April 20-21 at SM City Batangas. The last opportunity to get approval from Inspirational Diva Ms. Jamie Rivera, award-winning musical arranger/composer Mr. Jimmy Antiporda and Talent Manager Ms. Maristel Sempedro was quite tough with more than 247 aspirants. Ms. Nini Matilac, Head for TV and Film of Futuretainment Inc., joined in selecting the best talents for the show.  Like what they have done in Cagayan De Oro, Cebu, Davao, Baguio, Iloilo and SM North auditions, hopefuls were given tips and suggestions on how to improve their performances and what best to do next time they try to audition in other contests and programs. Since looks are not enough to get in any singing reality shows, those who failed auditions in previous on-ground auditions determined to try their luck on the l…

A Great Coffee Experience: Bo's Coffee

I have to admit, I'm caffeine dependent. Yes you heard read it right, I'm a big coffee lover that I'm the type of person who cannot survive a day without having at least a cup of coffee a day. I frequent a lot of coffee shops where I usually take a rest or do my work deadlines while giving myself a caffeine fix. So you can just imagine my surprise when I was invited to attend Bo's Coffee Bloggers Meet Up in Glorietta 5 last Saturday, April 21.

I got really excited not only because I was attending another event, but more on knowing about Bo's Coffee. Admittedly, I don't go to Bo's a lot (mainly because I was unaware of their branches near my work area, and secondly I was intimidated for I thought that it is a foreign franchise).

But to my surprise, Bo's Coffee is actually a local brand that started in Cebu 16 years ago! They actually look like a foreign coffee place selling expensive drinks -- or so I thought. While in reality, Bo's offer more affor…

Plain White T

A couple of Sundays ago, Paolo and I went to Greenhills.. to finally update my wardrobe! (I did a little happy shopping -- hehe!). And since the heat was scorching, I put on the most comfortable outfit I could think of -- a white top and a pair of jeans. Top: Thrifted | Jeans: H & M Apparently, this pair of Rubi Wedges has been my favorite! This looks so worn out already cause its really comfortable and it gives me that height and style! And lately, I've been less-ccesorizing! Sorry for making up terms, but lately, I rarely wear necklaces cause  I get so irritated (super init, thats why I remove it nalang instead!) easily. So for this outfit, I wore this dangling earrings given to me by my aunt.  And since I was so lazy to put on "stylish" clothes, I just let my Longchamp Le Pliage bag and shoes do the talking. I apologize for my dirty bag! I haven't had time to wash it (since its only one of my few branded bags that I tend to abuse for work everyday! Haha)

Listerine Natural Green Tea Press Launch

I was overwhelmed when I received an invite from Nuffnang to attend Listerine's Press Launch at Umu Restaurant at Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati. It was my first time to finally attend an event (my schedule permitted me!) and you can just imagine my excitement.  I arrived at Umu restaurant, and I was awed with the ambiance. It was cozy, elegant and intimate. The place was very relaxing. And what's more exciting is when they finally revealed that Listerine, the worldwide most trusted mouthwash brand has a new variant to effectively keep our mouth healthy and cavity free!
And that is, the new Listerine Natural Green Tea! You may wonder, why mix a mouthwash with green tea? It is because green tea contains antioxidants that may ward off cavity causing bacteria and prevent tooth decay! Moreover this variant of Listerine contains 2x as more fluoride that is vital in oral healthcare.
I know, now you'd like to try and experience Listerine Green Tea Zesty taste and it's availble in…