A Hint of Orange

12:16 PM roviedear 22 Comments

Finally! I'm able to blog after a 2-day separation from my laptop! It felt weird not being able to write on blogger (felt more like a separation anxiety haha). And before I head to SMX for Uniqlo's event, let me share with you an outfit I wore last Saturday, when Pao and I went to Illustrado for a food tasting event and when I attended Bo's Coffee Bloggers event at Glorietta.

I never thought that I could score a nicely printed mullet skirt for only a hundred bucks. It was a random find at Edsa Central Mall in Shaw Blvd, just after my checkup at Healthfirst. There were stalls that are selling clothes for only P60 - P100! Being the Bargain Lover that I am, I bought the best item I saw there -- this mullet skirt.
To make my outfit more sophisticated, I paired it with this Anne Klein top I borrowed from my cousin and accessorized with my Bubbles necklace. I wanted to put a hint of orange on my outfit for a summery feel, hence the matching colors of my necklace and my bag :)
Of course I had to add a little edge on my outfit by slipping on this Jellybean booties and Marc Jacobs bag (that I bought in Greenhills! tee hee!)

I hope you guys like my outfit :) Had to make this post really quick! I need to get ready for the Uniqlo event happening on SMX in a while! :)

Much Love, TBD

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Ann said...

i LOVE the skirt!

Dys Pacete said...

gorgeous. felt the summer heat on your orange outfit. :)

krisna velasco said...

wow so lovely!!!


Roxy Sibayan said...

you look really pretty rovie :)) love the mullet skirt! perfect!

kweshie said...

you are so good at looking for cheap finds Rovie! :) I am seriously wanting to covet your mullet skirt!!! :D

Speechless!! :) Why do you have to be so gorgeous all the time?!? I LOVE IT! ♥ Your mullet skirt's such a steal. Please do bring me there, babe!! xx www.arnievillanueva.com

Hazel said...

i sooo love orange!! this outfit is gorgeous :)

Hi Ann! Thank you :)

Thanks Dys!! :)

Thanks so much krisna! :)

Haha! In other words,"nakakadaya" Lol! Thanks kwesh!

Naman! :) Sure arnie we can thrift shop together! haha :D

thank you hazel! :)

Thanks Roxy!!:)

Joyce Requinta said...

love everything!


wonderwoman45 said...

Ikaw na si Miss Fab Clothes Finder!!! Haha. Inggit sa skirt!

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Fashionettista said...

that mullet skirt looks pretty on you!! Im waiting for my mullet dress that i bought there in the phils. and so excited to receive them and take some post! Check out my blog darling! kissess Lee


Haha! I really wish I could take you to thrift shopping na angel :)

Thanks so much for your sweet comment dear :)

mary said...

i love the outfit! and cutie skirt! :) is the edsa central mall same as the shops in tutuban, DV or 168 mall? im from mindanao and will be going to manila within the month :) any tips? so i can shop and visit the central mall :) thanks in advance...

thanks!! :)well its better to shop in divisoria, 168 or tutuban cause they have a number of choices! they only have a few choices in edsa central :)

Arra said...

Great find Rovie! Love the skirt!