Too Hot to Dress Up!

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Dress (used as a top): Muffin (Greenhills) || Skirt: Mapleberry (Tiendesitas)
Sandals: Costablanca || Bag: Thrifted

The scorching heat makes me so lousy to dress up lately that's why I'm sticking to the most comfortable and stylish pieces on my closet. Just like how I dressed up last monday, when Pao and I decided to finally watch The Hunger Games at Trinoma. The weather was so hot that I had no choice but to wear some of my summer clothes in the mall. (I wanted to look summery and feel comfortable at the same time! :P) Most of the stuff I'm wearing were recycled old cause I have no money to spend time to update my wardrobe yet.

Had to make this really quick! I can feel my eyes already dozing off. :p
Please do visit my LB and hype my look!

Much Love, TBD

Photos by Paolo Peralta

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krisna velasco said...


Carla Mutuc said...

love this look on you! style suits you! i recommend you dress more like this, really :)

thanks so much krisna :):)

thanks carla! oo nga daw, mas bagay sya sa akin daw. Lol :p

Jessica said...

love the flowy bottoms!


kath said...

looove your bag! :)


Arra Abella said...

Cute bag!