PhFW Holiday 2012: Philipp Tampus & Veejay Floresca

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Feminine. Stylish. Flowy. Ethereal. I was blown away when I saw Philip Tampus' collection. I loved the color he used and the details he put on each dresses. I love how his gowns are very flattering. I was honestly inspired on what color motif and bridal designs I like for my wedding next year. :)

resized_DSC_1073 resized_DSC_1081
resized_DSC_1083 resized_DSC_1090
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I love the mix of chic, crisp and sophisticated collection of Veejay. I had fun seeing some of his androgynous looks, and at the same time the feminine edgy dresses.

I enjoyed seeing the designer pieces on this event. I am now overwhelmed and inspired to dress up more for this Holiday collection.
Much Love, TBD


Arra said…
Love their designs! Very elegant and chic!


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