PHL Flag Inspired

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Last Moday, Paolo & I went to ZALORA Ph's Fashionalismo event where they required guests to be in their blue / red / yellow outfits inline with the celebration of our country's independence day. Having no idea what to wear, here's what I came up with:
Top (actually a skirt): Thrifted || Skirt (actually a top): Thrifted
Necklace: Anagon Collection & KISS Accessories
Shoes: Confetti

I never thought I can mix and match our flag's colors in time for our independence day celebration. Aside from layering 2 necklaces together, another thing I loved about this outfit is having to interchange a top and a skirt. I was supposed to wear my red mullet top but I  had a hard time pairing it with a good pants / skirt. and then a bright idea came to my mind when I decided to wear the top as a skirt (sacrificing the neckline) and make it a mullet skirt. Tada! I had a "bongga" outfit in an instant.

For your reference, here's how the (red) top and the (blue) skirt actually looked like:
I hope my look worked!

Please hype my look in Lookbook :)


Work week starts for us again! Have a nice one guys :P
Much Love, TBD
Photos by Paolo Peralta

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I like how you experimented with your outfit and put unconventional things together. Love that red mullet shirt that you turned into skirt. :) I'm also liking your layered necklaces and that skinny yellow belt! :)

Lee said...

very creative darling!!

Carizza Chua said...

that's a bright idea huh, loving the colors and your accessories too!

Megann Monday said...

I love how you changed the "roles" of the pieces! ;) I think I also commented on the post about your red mullet dress before. I love it!! Can't believe it was thrifted :)

♥ Megann of Style Surgery

Love the colors! And you are very innovative to use the skirt as a top and the top as a skirt. Haven't tried that yet but now I have the inspiration. :)

Yaniee Marie said...

Brilliant use of your pieces! <3

Umi said...

Awesome look! :)

Gryshco said...

Love your necklace. It really stood out in your outfit. You pulled it off well. :)

Arra Abella said...

I love how you interchanged the two! You definitely made it work!


Simona said...

You look so great in your colorful outfit! So summery!:)

Kookie Buhain said...

Woot! Nice styling, Rovie! You look so fresh talaga. :)

Gorgeous look, Mommy Rovie!! :) I'm so impressed with how you styled your "skirt" and "top"! Veryyy creative and resourceful. ♥

thanks so much arnie <3 love you ang sweet mo hihi <3

thanks so much kookie :):) im so touched!!

thanks so much :)

thanks grysh :)

thanks umi :)