White Gold

White was the theme for the Big fish event that happened a couple of saturdays ago and since I couldn't think of the best outfit to wear, I decided to repeat (or reinvent) another piece that I have worn  before already..
The gold sequined dress.. but this time, as a skirt.
Yes I did it again. If you remember my outfit last fashion week and the freeway x celerio event, I have already used this piece as a top and a dress on the said events. Whenever I intend to stand out (and whenever I feel so lazy to accesorize) I always go back to this dress (that I thrifted) for an effortless look.
If you could notice the crumpled part of the skirt, its actually the top that I am hiding beneath it. Sorry I know its really obvious!
And then I decided to finally use my UNIQLO White Bratop to go with my dress/skirt. I am currently obsessing on this amazing product by Uniqlo cause (1) I don't have to worry on what type of bra to wear beneath a sexy white top; and (2) it gave my chest the illusion that its actually blessed! (I'm not gifted up there actually). And that's why when Uniqlo gave us gift vouchers during their pre-opening day, I know I had to spend them on this "magical" outfit (You know what I mean ;)
Since I came from the fiance's house prior to the event, I wasn't able to bring a number of accessories for the party, I intentionally used my sequined make-up kit (that I got from The Face Shop as a freebie) as my "bag." I wanted to move around comfortably so I decided to use this (and put on my lipstick, pressed powder and cellphone) instead of my usual big work bag.
And finally, I got the chance to wear my first Forever 21 purchase (yes I'm a loser like that-haha) which are the shoes! But the best thing about this lovely pair is, I got it for 50% off (P500!!). I was supposed to shop for clothes on Forever 21 but since it breaks my heart to spend more than P500 on a piece of clothing, I decided to choose the smarter option and spend the money on shoes instead. There's always ukay ukay for clothes!

Top: Uniqlo || Skirt (Dress): Thrifted || Shoes: Forever 21
Necklace: From Bazaar

I hope you guys are having a chill, rainy tuesday :) I have a lot of giveaways going on and I hope you can join by clicking the links below:

And of course, hype my look :)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


claudine said…
love the dress-turned-to-be-a-skirt! :)
krissy said…
So cool! Mag-ukay nga tayo minsan Rovie! :)
Roxy Sibayan said…
bet ko ang skirt/dress mo teh :) perfect! ikaw na! imiss ukay ukay na din :|
Jhavoo said…
Roxanne said…
you look so neat and chic rovie!
and super agree na there's always ukay2 for clothes haha
Love this a lot, Mommy!! :) Super bet ko talaga yung thrifted dress mo. Huhu take me where you got that!! :( GANDA MOOO. Sexyyy!
Vergil Lloyd Chua said…
it still looks good! very classy talaga style mo. I miss you so much! :)

i miss you too my fiance!! hope to see you soon <3
mas maganda kaaaa beauty queen baby <3
ay thanks! yes ang bigat sa loob bumili ng mahal na damit haha :P
thanks jhavoo!! :)
haha salamat teh! :D
tara! sa monumento madami :) if you're in malabon / navotas tara lets! :D
thanks dear :)
thanks :)
Bella Morcen said…
Love that skirt!

I'm loving the sparkly shoes! I'd rather spend money on shoes than clothes too. Hahahaha I'm an absolute shoe addict! :D
itin said…
Is it me or you just look alot like Jessy Mendiola?
milkteeths said…
So pretty, love that skirt especially! :)
oh how i miss stepping out all glammed up! you rock the look sweetie! :D
Sumi Go said…
Love your shoes! :D I'm hesitant to spend a lot on clothes, but I don't spend much on shoes too. My commute route is hell-ish eh.. haha.. So even expensive ones get worn out easily.. :(
Kat Valdez said…
Love this look mommy! Sooo hot! Haha <3 Miss you!!!

I am totally for spending less when it comes to clothes! I am no fan of brands :) Nice overall look sis!
I love that look! :)

Btw, please join my giveaway herehttp://kristinebulatao.blogspot.com/2012/07/silver-hits-giveaway.htmlThank you!xx
Holly said…
You are awesomely resourceful with what you have done with that dress. Great job! I also love that you used a makeup bag as your bag at an event, that is awesome, and your jewelry is amazing!
Hazel said…
omygosh 500pesos for those f21 shoes??? Lucky score, rovie!!! :)
life is a shoe said…
what a gorgeous skirt! really love it!
Alexis Grace said…
always great to recycle looks--- clothing is meant to be worn more than once!

~Alexis Grace of North On Harper
Ashley said…
You look great and way to maximize the use you get out of the piece! Great idea.

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