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What's in My Bag || My Work Look

I've always wanted to post a "what's in my bag" entry for so long. I have been reading  blogs  (like Carizza Chua) having this kind of post and I'm trying to make one for myself. So here's what inside my Topshop bag that I got on sale for only P900! As for essentials, Of course (my now gone) XOXO wallet, Vitress Hair polish for my locks, Bench's ginger, lemon, sandalwood scent (that gives me a lovely wooden scent for only P189), and Myra Vitaquench for my super dry skin. and inside my small make-up kit has Maybelline Aqua Gel Foundation (that I use everyday), Covergirl Natural Pressed Powder, Bench's Prettywhenpinched for my lips and cheeks, ELF's Glossy Lipshine & Eyeliner, Myra E Lipbalm and Swish Breath Spray. And oh, I'm wearing glasses cause I'm myopic o.O
And if you want to see how my make-up looks like at work (most of the time, although lately I'm changing the lip, cheek and eye colors) here's a preview: Wearing The Be…

Barbie Bargain Doll

I couldn't think of the right title for this outfit post but the word doll. I know I sound too vain but its actually the first time I extremely dolled myself up for an outfit shot / date. Well, I put on make-up everytime I go out, but this was extra special because It's my first time to wear falsies! that I bought from SAIZEN and Andrea's permalash (from Beauty Bar) as adhesive.  This one is quite hard to use, for you have to spill a little amount on a foil (or any glossy material), spread on the falsies before applying to the lids. It was a bit messy, and I had adhesive stains on my fingers.  But what is beauty without the fun, right? So after exerting tremendous efforts of putting on falsies (while Paolo was driving!) here's the outcome: Longer lashes! But since I'm no expert, my real lashes did not adhere to the falsies, making my eyes look I have 2 lashes (on closer look). But on a different angle, my eyes looked so much better: Dolled Up I somehow liked the…

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

Finally an outfit post! Pao and I went to Subic one long weekend ago  and I wasn't able to post some outfits I wore due to the events I attended / blogged the past days. So here's what I wore when we went to Subic Tree Top Adventure It was actually raining storming in Subic but Paolo insisted that we should push through with the adventure. So here being the blogger that I am, I still posed in the rain just for the sake of an outfit shot. Haha! Can you see the raindrops on my shirt? Since we will be trekking, riding on canopy and all sorts of activities, I dressed down in sweaters and booties for some comfort. And added this All Native Single Earring from MARIS-- which definitely gave an outfit an edge! Shorts and Top: THRIFTED Shoes: Mom's And it won't stop raining! PS: Pao's actually inside the car while taking this so in short, madaya sya! Haha
We did not bring the camera, we only used my Ipod to take photos, which apparently I accidentaly synced to 2011 files an…

Its FUNTACULAR with Nestle Crunch!

Last Saturday, I was invited by Nuffnang PH to witness the launch of Nestle Crunch at Cravings, Shangrila. The BTS video of the photo shoot on how to eat your crunch  was revealed Shot by Nicolo Cosme, Nestle Crunch Revealed the 10 ways to eat the Nestle Crunch! Tada! The bloggers and how they eat the Nestle Crunch Ice cream! Oh Hi The Catcher Krissy! Seatmate Tin Iglesias is part of the shoot and she's a Toss N Flip It! Love na Love ko ang posing ni Bite Meister Sarah!!  Who's with her super kaduper cute daugther Nikolai! Starstruck lang ako kay Helga!! And it was a pleasure meeting these bloggers (in person), Rowena, Kira, Helga and Krissy! (Super sorry for my puffy-eyed face, nagmoment lang the night before haha!) Yay group shot!!
And there are tons of ways you can eat CRUNCH because they made sure that enjoying ice cream is now made more FUNTACULAR! :)  The Genius innovation of Nestle Ice Cream, Neste Crunch has TRIPLE CHOCOLATE GOODNESS!! I Tell you, because:
It has a CRISPY CRUNCH out…

Robinsons Department Store Vintage Vanity: August Beauty Fair 2012

I love make-up, you guys have probably noticed it in my blog. As Anagon said to me the other day, I'm a lipstick girl so when there's a beauty sale in a mall, I make sure that I check and buy something for myself. So when I received an invite from Robinson's Dept Store for the Vintage Vanity Beauty Fair 2012 I am waaaay to excited! I felt like I got a free pass to heaven. Haha! And Better news!! Robinson's Department Store beauty fair happens twice a year, every August and February so ladies, mark your calendars na! :D Weeee. :) We were asked to roam around and shop for the beauty products we love. What's more exciting is most of the great make-up brands, like Maybelline, Loreal, Revlon, Max Factor to name a few are on sale!! Di na ako makahintay to roam around!  With Tin Iglesias! Love this girl, super bait and humble :) Super affordable but really good make-up Maybelline is on sale! So imagine the huge savings I got after buying a couple of lipsticks from this …