Sometimes Flats are Nice

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Well you guys know that I lost my DSLR last week. And becaue I am still hoping that I'll be able to find it, I still haven't bought myself a new one. So for my outfit post during the Naturalizer event, I used Paolo's point and shoot, hence the poor quality of the photos (relative to my posts).

And because I have been receiving good feedbacks that feminine / girly looks like this suits me better, I decided to wear more of this style, and to look like a bargain doll. Haha!
It's actually one of the few moments that I wore flats! Haha. I'm loving this Solemate flats from SM Parisian cause its so comfyy. Lately people from work are wondering why I look so small and I tell them: "I'm just wearing flats" haha. They're used to see me in high heels and its refreshing to wear flats once in a while especially I always walk in the field.

Corset: Mon Petit Bodouir || Skirt: Thrifted || Necklace: Anagon
Bag: Topshop || Shoes: Solemate (Parisian) || Heapiece: The Bead Diary

Happy weekend guys. Watch out for more posts!  :)
PS: I gained weight, no?

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

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BlogGirl said...

so pretty and feminine nga ^^ I love flats, always wearing them

kristinebulatao said...

Love the corset and the necklace! :)

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I don't think I would have noticed a difference the photo had you not mentioned you were using a point and shoot. I even notice your rosy pink cheeks. I love the pleated skirt too!

So sad to know you lost your SLR mommy. Still hoping you'd find it!! :) Miss you and see you tomorrow at the mall tour ♥

Anikka Krusher said...

Sad to hear that Ms. Rov. Hoping you can find it again :) think positive!

Carizza Chua said...

im sure you just misplaced it. nice outfit btw, see you again soon! :D

Pink! very adorable and lovely :)

I love flats! Def. my go to shoe!