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Yes, its actually the outfit I wore when I graced the opening of Creations Salon at Eton Cyberpod a week ago. You can see from the photos that my hair was treated and blow dried til it achieve that doll-like curls. Since I was able to talk about my hair a couple of posts back, I was supposed to write about the usual -- what I wore, why I selected the outfits and all sorts of things. But because I've been busy the past couple of days, readying (and facing) my (far-shot) application for a higher position in our division.

I've been in the field for four years (yes I have graduated that long ago)and its time that I wanted a step up in my career. I have so many thoughts, goals and visions for my career that I wish have delivered better in my assessment earlier. But I guess, after a long time of me being relaxed in my comfort zone, I found it hard to utter the words that I wanted to say earlier in my presentation. Oh well, what's done is done. I just pray that I get a shot on t…

White's Hot: Restyling My Little White Dress

I love dresses. If you have been following my blog for a long time, you would've noticed the rare occurrences I've posted an outfit with pants. I've always felt feminine everytime I'm in a dress, most especially when I'm in my little white or black dress. I'm sure you do feel the same, but having these 2 as a staple in your closet can actually give you a number of outfit options, only if styled differently. Take for instance my super favorite white dress from SM GTWthat I have repreatedly worn but can't seem to get tired of it for I can style it over and over and still look different every time. You have seen this white dress a couple of times in my blog (here and here) but here I go, wearing it again last Friday when I invited my mom and my lola to go around a nearby mall and watch a movie. Honestly, my lola would always ask me to dress down whenever we go out as she / they feel always left out cause they prefer going out in a much simpler and more comfor…

My Hair Makeover at Creations Salon

I felt like I won a lottery when i received and email from ARC PR that I am invited to the opening of Lourd Ramos Salon's Creations Salon at Eton Cyberpod. More than just inviting us to witness its launch, each of the attendees were given a treat to experience their Vegetarian Miracle Hair Treatment. I for one, badly needed something like this for my hair has been seriously damaged from all the chemical treatments -- rebonding, relaxing, the annual perming that my hair endured the past decade.  While I was waiting for my turn, I got the chance to meet the genius behind Creations Salon Mr. Lourd Ramos himself. I was so impressed when I learned that Lourd, being a renowned hair and make-up artist of our country, has garnered a steady stream of awards. Some of these awards include 2007 Davines Italia Philippines Grand Winner, Studio 23’s Make-up Artist of the Yearin 2010, and Go Negosyo Starpreneur Awardin 2011. He also bagged 5thplace at the Davines World Style Contest in Barcelona, …

See You at The Bazaar For All Season

I love bazaars. I always frequent them whenever I have time (or budget) cause its always nice to shop at a bargain price. And now that Christmas is fast approaching, its just the perfect time to shop for your gifts for your loved ones and yourself! (Insert exclaiming YES here). So guys, shopaholics out there, I invite you to the BAZAAR FOR ALL SEASON at the Elements Tent at Eton Centris, Quezon City. Imagine a lot of items at 70% off! For an entrance of only P50!!
But wait, there's more! I will also be selling A LOT OF MY CLOTHES for only P50-100 (or even lower!!). A number of other bloggers will also have their booths so feel free to drop by, ransack our clothes, make chika and roam around the venue while you shop til you drop. And if you want to have FREE TICKETS click here
See you guys there!!! Much Love, TBD

Acer Aspire S5: A Cut Above the Rest


Freeway x Botong for Holiday 2012

I have been very amazed how the clothing brand, Freeway collaborates fashion with arts.More than just releasing collections every now and then, Freeway also shows that a local brand can express nationalism by integrating the works of our local national artists to interesting wardrobe pieces that can make any person feel stylish and proud at the same time. For their 2012 holiday collection, Freeway honored our greatest muralist of all time -- Carlos Botong Francisco.
Held last Thursday, Oct 18 at The Row Glorietta 1, Freeway released its 25-piece National Artist Collectors' Series in celebration of Carlos "Botong" Francisco's 100th year anniversary. I, along with blogger Arnie Vilanueva arroived at the venue together. I've always loved atending freeeway events cause more than seeing new collectosns unfold, I also get the chance to mingle with fellow fashion bloggers (in person). In this event, I was able to catch up with bloggers like Kat Valdez, Kelly Medina, Ava…