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Wardrobe Wednesdays: Sheer & Skinny

Top: Thrifted Jeans: Jag Necklace: Bubbles Shoes: Jellybean
I decided to post this set of photos eventhough this was taken last January (more than a year ago). You can obviously see how thin as a paper I was 11 months ago and how much chunk of fat I've gained after those months of eating. Yes I purposely posted this to drive me again to eat moderately and start dieting again.On the other hand, another reason why I didn't post this before was I thought the outfit looked to plain and not blog worthy. But not really, as I've realized this is one of the rare moments I'm wearing something basic -- a pair of skinny jeans and a sheer top. I'm glad my the colors of my necklace and sandals made the outfit looked vibrant and alive. It's probably one of the best fashion trick I love -- to wear something catchy like a pair of statement shoes to make the outfit stand out.
Still, I'm lingering on the fact that I should start losing weight again so I could fit in this p…

Thoughtful Tuesdays: Sisterhood

Dress: SM GTW | Bag: Sophie Paris Shoes: Soledesire (People are People) | Necklace: Mapleberry
I initially intended my tuesdays to thrifty tuesdays but changed my mind the last minute when I realized that I wanted to impart something personal in my blog -- that is making my tuesdays to be thoughtful tuesdays. Thoughtful Tuesdays may be anything about thoughts on work, blogging, life, love, or even events.  And today (although technically its wednesday already!) I wanted to write about an interesting bonding session with my lifelong friends (I've known these girls since I was 10!) a month ago at The Grove, Rockwell.

Make-Up Mondays: Maybelline 5th Ave Fuschia

For weeks I have been thinking to make a daily segment on my blog but I never had a chance to do one until today. (Thanks to the lessened backlogs!) I thought of making each day a good read (which I hope I could sustain for a long time) and that will be composed of Make-Up Mondays (where I'll try to post my latest favorite make-up / beauty products), Thrifty Tuesdays (post an outfit where I'm wearing a Thrifted item), Wardrobe Wednesdays, Trendy Thursdays and Freeway Fridays (where I'll usually post whatever I want to post haha). So to start of my weekly segment, let me share with you my latest staple lipstick, Maybelline's 5th Ave Fucshia. I have received a number of compliments on my lisptick when I posted theGet Crazy, Lie Downoutfit last week. It has been one of most sulit buys since Robinson's Vintage Vanity fair last August 2012) and it took me time to actually open it and finally use it. And since the moment I opened and used it I never spent a day without …

Winning 2nd Place: Araneta Center Dress Me Up Part 2!

I can never thank Kath, and the rest of the Araneta Center PR for inviting me once again to be part of their second leg of the Araneta Center Dress Me Up Event. If you remember it, I was part of the first Dress Me Up event where Bb Pilipinas Tourism 2012 Katrina Dimaranan and Sassan Shokouhi were the ones we styled for the first event. (Read more about it here). And for the second leg (with a lot of many changes in terms of mechanics and system) I, together 15 other fashion bloggers were invited to be part of a more exciting Dress Me Up Event in partnership with Dairy Queen. We styled the good looking model, Sassan for the event (He was also my model last year, where I partnered with Ria Lumandog) and this year, I paired up with my twin sister Arnie Villanueva. Before I get into the details, let me first share with you the things that happened that day. (PS: All of my photos are grabbed from Arnie and Ana, as I own a not so functional camera :?) With the participating bloggers With A…