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99 Months + BU4 Day 2

Eventhough Paolo and I have been together for the past 8 years, we still make it to a point to celebrate our monthsary every 16th of the month. We may have grown up from giving each other fancy gifts (which I'm sure every young couples have done or still doing it) but we make sure that we still greet each other at 12mn (which Paolo is very particular with) and go out on a special date  on our monthsary. So for our 99th month, we decided to have a short but sweet dinner at The Stock Market, High Street. Fortunately Paolo is a good friend with one of the chefs so we got a complimentary Clam Chowder soup that tastes really good. Both of us are addicted to clam chowders and we both believe that this is the best we ever tasted yet! His: Lemonade, Mine: Iced Coffee (which is the usual.) The Stock Market Burger. I have no words to describe this but Paolo kept on exclaiming how good this burger tastes! The patty, more than being relatively huge is so juicy and tasty! I remember that the …

The Best Holiday

I was waiting for the perfect moment to wear this beautiful white peplum dress from Pink Fashion until I realized that it was the perfect holiday dress! I actually wore this for Christmas Day when my family and I went to Tagaytay to have our annual Christmas dine out. Eversince I started earning, I always make sure that my family and I go an eat out on a nice place. This Christmas was a lot more special because for the first time that Paolo and I have been spending Christmas for the past seven years, his family members joined us on this special occasion.  However first things first -- my outfit. I have already told you that I got my dress from Pink Fashion (which I truly love). If you have seen some of my outfit posts, I have worn a number of Pink Fashion dresses that definitely made me stand out. (Read about my posts here and here). So if you would like to check their wonderful dresses, you might want to check Pink Fashion Facebook page here.  Necklace: SM Accessories Hat: SM A…

Hello Mr. Snowman

Can you see the huge Mr. Snowman behind me? Because I find him so adorable, I am naming my blogpost to him. I wore this semi sexy outfit last Dec 22, when I attended our friends' Christmas Party at Ayala Alabang. The Christmas Dinner has been an annual tradition and even if I reside far north (Navotas, to be exact) I always make the effort to go south to celebrate with friends. Top: Mon Petit Boudoir  Look I'm smiling! (which rarely happens!) Skirt: Sixties Inspired (From SG)  Shoes: GOLD DOT. I got this pair from the recent bloggers united 4! Would you believe that I got this from Divine Lee's booth for only P400? :) I couldn't believe it myself, but I really feel so happy that I'm the same size as Divine's!! we both have big feet and we're both size 10 :D Sometimes having a gigantic feet have some benefits!!
Anyways, sharing you some of the photos during the Christmas party!
Couple teleserye shots. Brian - Donna, Enrique - Bian, Paolo and myself.  Cinc…