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This is the second time I wore this dress (read the Ethereal post here) already but I cannot seem to let go my love for this floral printed dress from Bailey Girl. Bailey Girl is actually an imported brand but thanks to Oh My Garment, I can buy imported, branded dresses (like Forever 21, CK, etc) on a much lower price. Also OMG sells branded watcheds and jewelry in a more afforable rate, like the NY & Co Orange and silver bangles that I'm wearing on this post. (To see more of the clothes and accessories OMG is selling, click on their facebook page here)


Dress: Bailey Girl from Oh My Garment
Shoes: Primadonna
Orange and Silver Bangles: NY & Co from OMG * Oh My Garment
Earrings: MARIS

Anyway, these are another set of photos from the shoot I made with Mark Oliquino, Sandra Escobido Red and Cha Ebona at UP Diliman. (See the smiling post here). I love how they made me feel like a goddess doing this shoot and made me feel more confident in posing. I will definitely upload more our final products (I still have a couple of sets to post) soon.

For now I have to rush to WTC cause I want to see more of my favorite bloggers and hoard their closets too! 

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

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i love your shoesss ate <3


R.O.M.E.L.O. said...

since the post has more pictures than text, I'll comment on the pictures instead... I like the pictures because all of them are clear and sharp specially the ones on top... a few of the pictures below were too bright which kinda took away the focus on the dress and the wearer...

Kero said...

the pleats give the dress a timeless appeal. so adorable!! I love the feather earrings too! gives a fresh new look on the whole outfit!!

You really look good in dresses. Sa kin hindi eh. I'm a boy.hehe. :)

I love feather earrings but unfortunately hindi bagay sa aken.

Kristine Bulatao said...

Love the colors!

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For affordable arm candies and clothing.
Thank you! :)

시 재 said...

Lovely dress! Love the pleats, love the color, and I love how it stands out against all that green in the background. :)

nice pictures in the post.

Bella Morcen said...

Excited for your big day!

Mish Rendon said...

Pretty dress! Loving all those colors! <3

Mish @ http://starmishie.blogspot.com

Sam Lanuza said...

ay ang ganda ni Rovie o... :)))

Love the dress <3
Oh I have the same shoes too *cheers ^ ^


Deann said...

Nice colors. :) I really should update my Lookbook account!


MrsMartinez said...

nice multi-colored shoes!

Franc Ramon said...

You do looked refreshed by the floral attire and you could actually get pass portraying a fairy or a goddess.

omg! everything looks so lovely dear!! love the high fashion colours! and feather earrings!! xx

Debarpan said...

you looks lovely in this dress dear.

Feather earrings! :)
I love it. So pretty! ^^

shopgirljen said...

Love your dress. So dainty! :) Ang lucky nyo you have prenup shoots. Unlike nung time ko hindi pa sya uso. haha! :P