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Love is Getting Fit/Fat Together

You probably have read my tweet that I started working out at Club 360 a couple of weeks ago. Getting slimmer is one of my goals this year to prepare for my wedding (funny note, I want to surprise my husband to-be with a sexy, flat tummy) so I have been (trying my best) to hit the gym despite my very busy schedule. So weeks ago, Paolo and I tried their 30-minute long circuit workout (where I'm currently enrolled already) which we both thought was easy. However just right after one round, we were already exhausted. So after half an hour of killing ourselves, we decided to de-stress by eating dimsum (which sold at P45 happy hour at Banawe branch) at Causeway.  Look at our tired faces!! Anyway, we both thought that feeding our hunger with MSG filled, heavenly dimsum was the "healthier" choice that eating at the fast food, but not if we finished more 6 sets!  After this night, Paolo decided to not push with the circuit while I am struggling my busy work schedule to fit in …

Solo’s His & Hers Graphic Tee Design Competition




Beauty Post: Celeteque Radiance Body Cream

Dry Skin has always been my problem. I have dry hands and dry feet (usually because I always tend to skip putting on lotion) and finding a good lotion to make my skin smooth and soft in an instant is always a plus. So when I received a (nice and clean looking) bottle of CELETEQUE body radiance body cream, I hurriedly tried it on my (tired and overused) hands and feet.
 There's just a number of reasons why one should be using this body cream. It offers a lot of benefits alongside with nice features such as nice scent, non-greasy and not so oily and creamy making it easy to apply. For best results (to brighten and soften the skin) it is recommendable to use twice daily, applying generously on the skin, especially on those areas that easily get dark (elbows and knees etc) When I tried it on my feet, I was really impressed with the results. It obviouly made my skin softer and smoother and leave that shimmer, radiant glow on the skin. Which reminded me to put it on on date nights to g…

How To Prevent Your Skirt From Flying

It literally feels good to be blogging again. I had the whole week last week devoted to work (where I only had a couple of days to actually go online and post something online). Since the work year started, I have been very busy adjusting myself to my new territory assignment and it has been very time consuming. Anyways, I am posting another overdue outfit post I wore last year when me and my highschool girlfriends watched Pacquiao and Marquez fight. Paolo and I took the outfit shot at Column's pool area and obviously the wind was terrible. I had a hard time posing in front of the camera so forgive my awkward face as I try to hold my mini skirt (using my purse) and prevent it from flying and showing off my underneaths. I am slowly thinking that I should have made a how to prevent your skirt from flying off tutorial just like what I did in this post.   Top: Thrifted from Kat ValdezNecklace: Suzy's Skirt: Thrifted Shoes: Syrup (People are People) Bag: Gift from Kat Alcala,…

Another One

Finally a blog post!! I apologize for the hiatus, I have been very busy with work the past week. I just came back from Holiday Inn Clark where I spent 4 days eating, working, dancing and all kinds of activities that gave me no time to blog, do my mani-pedi or even text the fiance (which made him a bit tampo). Anyway, let me share you this overdue outfit post I wore sometime December when Pao and I were scouting possible wedding gown designers. Top: Sixties  Necklace: Anagon Collection Ring: Oh My Garment (NY CO) Watch: Fossil Shoes: Primadonna Because I have poor photoshop editing skills, I cannot make sepia-ish effect the same for every photo. Boo, I need more practice. 
And finally, we already booked our wedding designer! Pepsi Herrera! Funny because it was Paolo who quickly decided to get Pepsi because he was offered a nice discount for his tuxedo, while it took me a month to finally decide and get him to make my wedding gown too. I am really excited for the output. and I am so e…

ELF Brightening Eyeshadow in Luxe

ELF (Eyes Lips Face) is one of my most favorite make-up brands ever. I love the fact that it is really affordable yet the quality is not sacrificed. This E.L.F's Eye Brightening Shadow (in Luxe) is one of my favorites. It comes very handy for me, as it already comes in 4 colors that I can use from day to night.
Product Swatches:
Used all the colors on the palette (which is better for evening events)
Used the cream, light brown and a hint of the darker shade (which I believe would go for a nice neutral look at work)
This quad pallette is actually a perfect to-go eyeshadow. However, it is best applied using the ELF's eyelid primer for a longer lasting effect. 

Hope you like this short but sweet review. More reviews soon!
Much Love The Bargain Doll