Beauty Review: Chanel Teint Innocence Naturally Luminous Compact

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I am so lucky to have a cousin who works at a Chanel Store in Singapore. Everytime she goes home, she brings home a lot of Chanel (testers) make-up that were unused or rarely used and usually hands it out to us. I am so lucky that  I got Chanel Teint Innocence Naturally Luminous Compact Make up (tester) and I fell in love in an instant. 

Teint Innocence in a small container. It was compact originally but because I left this in the car (for hours) before I took shots of the product, it kind of melted already but nevetheless, the product i still good. (Which reminds me NOT TO LEAVE MY MAKE UP KIT in the car, as the heat melts a lot of the products).

So let me share with you why I am considering this as one of the best foundations I ever tried so far.
Before applying make-up
After applying the cream foundation
You can see from the photos that the foundation leaves a matte finish. It is has a medium to full coverage and is incredibly light on the skin. It covers a lot my skin blemishes -- pimple marks and even eyebags and blends well on my complexion. After hours of application however, I noticed that my skin had a little sheer to shiny effect. I usually have an oily skin but I like this product for it may made my face a a bit shiny after hours, but its that shine that somewhat made my face look glowing.

To complete the look, I finished it with Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Blush, Mayblelline Color Sensational Fifth Ave Fuschia, Etude House Look At My Eyes Vanilla Icing, and KATE Create Eyes in blue shade. I also used E.L.F. Tone Correcting Concealer for my eyebags. (Which I will make a separate review really soon).

And because I received a number of Chanel products from my cousin, I will also make a review soon! I hope you like this beauty post. Would love to hear your thoughts in this post.

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

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Bella Morcen said...

Lalong gumanda face mo Ninang! <3

Pretty!!! ;) I wanna have Chanel too omg!

Kath Rivera said...

Lucky you sis! Mabuti kahit nag melt it does the job pa din :)

Maggie said...

wow.. ganda nga! gusto ko kaya lang di keri ng budget ko. :P On a side note, sis parang di mo na kailangang magfoundation! Flawless ang skin mo! :)

Franc Ramon said...

The product made your skin glow and became more vibrant.

animetric said...

I've tried a lot of cosmetics but this is one brand that I haven't tried yet. The finish looks quite smooth.

I really like it, Rovie! :) Does this one have a scent too? This is the first time I came across this particular product from Chanel. Would really like to try their eyeshadows next :)

Omg! my sister k s singapore? hahahah I've lived in Singapore for four years relocated in malaysia last early november lng. 0_____o Love chanel din ang bango p! xx

조이 said...

I love how the shade matches your skintone nicely. And I can't get enough of your pink lips! :)

Carizza Chua said...

yikes it melted but im sure you found a way to fix it now. product looks great on your skin :)

MrsMartinez said...

Chanel is a very nice brand. I will check this out in Rustan's if it's available.


Sorana Nistor said...

it looks great!

maybe you would like to follow each other ? just let me know !!


pretty Rovie! (walang halong echos!) hahaha XD

Jenniya said...

Looks great on you dear.

XX, Jenniya

thanks :D

thanks so much :D

love it nga it melted mas madali i-apply :P thanks carizza imy :D

thanks sis :D

Hannah said...

Swerte! Chanel cosmetics are so expensive :( But I think you get what you pay for.

yes and ang ganda :D

make-up scent but i love it!! :D i have eyeshadows too! will post a review soon :D imy mich!!

yes i like rowena :D you should try!!

thanks franc :D

maggie!! :D may pimple marks din naman ako, and chanel hid it perfectly naman :D

yes it did :D thanks kath :D

bigay lang sya ayah :D hihi

thanks mare :D

yes you really do. i just realized it now. but i have to kulit my cousin to give me more chanel cosmetics :D

lucky you indeed, looks great on you! blooming! :)

Pretty Ugly said...

You have great skin! Lucky you!

Chanel cosmetics is a great brand! Some of my colleagues at work also use this brand for their make-up. ....and you do indeed have great skin! I think its what made the make-up more successful. A pretty face equals a very convincing beauty article!

Dorry Lyn said...

heard and read about this brand hope I can try it too

Faith said...

Oh my,so lucky!! I really would love to try Chanel cosmetics as well, kaso naman pricey e!

Nina Mercado said...

Lucky! Sana maka try din ako ng free haha

I mean hopefully someone will give it to me too hahaha

Arra A. said...

It really did deliver! Ang ganda talaga. It will be a good investment :)