The Bargain Doll in 2012

2012 looks1
2012 looks 2
2012 looks3

I personally cannot define what is my personal style is, but all I can say is my style is dependent on my mood. All I know is I love playing with colors, wearing dresses and skirts. You wanna know why? Cause I tend to hide my huge thighs (as in define pata) so I would look slimmer and taller in photos. Anyways, I wish to improve my outfit photos and personal style this year. Hoping for better photos too!

Here's to a more fashionable and super thrifty 2013!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Lhyzie Bongon said…
I really like your fashion style. ang galing mo mag combine ng clothes :)
megannmonday said…
What is this second look on your second photo? The blue and white one? Is it a dress or a top and bottom? I want it!!! Hahaha :p I think your style is artsy girly. Very colorful nga and playful :)

♥ Megann of Style Surgery
Franc Ramon said…
Each of your look really brings out your beauty and your really fashionable taste.
i obviously got inspired from you and ava's post :D hihi!! btw, its a top and a skirt!!! :D
thank you :D
thanks :)
beautywidbrainz said…
BTW, I am hosting an International Giveaway on my blog with 5 winners. I would appreciate if you could eneter & spread the word. :) Thank you ! <3
Koko Tamura said…
i used to think that i have the worst sense of fashion, having a budding-designer mom has always been a pressure since she always manage to look good while i go around wearing shorts, shirts and slippers... but then i realized that fashion is also an expression and when i wear comfy clothes that fits nicely... i feel best... i guess more people should realize that and just be themselves.. if they feel great on heels... GO... if they feel good on dresses... GO... but if they feel like wearing their pajamas all day... WHY NOT?
Jenniya said…
I like your style dear. I think you can pull-off any style of outfit.

XX, Jenniya
Sarah said…
wow such a variety of outfits, great style!

Earth Rullan said…
so pretty! :)
Hannah said…
I like how you can transform from one girl to another (ex, girly to boho). You have nice style!
michymichymoo said…
Awesome! :) Keep it up, Rovie! :)
Mrs. Kolca said…
I like that winter outfit of yours. The one if black and white. So fasyon! :)
i love your winter look dear! lalo na that picture on a bike, firce! :D
cheers to 2013 Rovie!
serendipity0017 said…
Very versatile :-)
조이 said…
Lovely, lovely! Looking forward to more of your outfit posts this year, Rovie!
You were one of those bloggers that make me feel really glad to have met last year, albeit online. Cheers to a great year ahead! :)
Aileen A. said…
OMG! I love this! A compilation of almost all of your looks for the past year! Wow... can I have your closet, please? :P Looking forward to your 2013!
Lilpink said…
wow.. ang dami dami mong outfits sis. <3
ang laki siguro ng wardrobe mo. :)
Yesha Hideaki said…
Love all the outfits <3 Spotted the Gold dress and lovin' it

Cheers to more OOTD's this year :)

Rainne Villena said…
Wow too many outfits!!
Super gaganda pa! ^^
shopgirljen said…
I loooooooove! You look different in every outfit! Looking for more outfit post this 2013! Happy New Year, Rovie! Hope to see you soon!! :))
Patricia Tan said…
I want to make one like this! It defines who you are and how you transform in each OOTD plus how you improve everyday. :)
Arra A. said…
I love the outfits and the evolution of your style. Looking forward to your fab looks this year, dear!


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