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Roviedear x NicoleLily's Giveaway!

I couldn't believe how time flies so fast. Feels like just yesterday, I am posting my very first blog entry and now in just a few days away, The Bargain Doll is turning 2. Because I am so thankful to all your support, I will be hosting a series of giveaway not only to celebrate my blogiversary, but also my upcoming birthday (yes I'm turning a year older!)
I feel so lucky that Nicole Lily / NCV: She Collects Rare Accessories is collaborating with The Bargain Doll. We are looking for 1 reader to win the following items:

Open to Phil Residents only :D
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Happy Joining! :D  Much Love, TBD

Almost Sunset

This is already it! The intense heat, the burning sun, summer is already here! Its the season to wear maxi dresses, floral, prints and everything breezy and dandy. So for my first summer related outfit post (I am definitely trying to veer away from my snow-filled South Kore photos), let me share with you what I wore during our post-Valentines / 101th monthsary / engagement anniversary date at Sonya's Garden Tagaytay.  I have always admired the magic hour photos Tricia Gosingitan posts in her blog and I am very pleased that Paolo and I were able to capture an almost similar version. Well, I know its not entirely the same but we somehow managed to take shots during the sunset (while we stopped over on our way to Tagaytay). I got this wonderful, sexy dress 50% off at Tomato when I was shopping weeks back. It was a timely purchase cause its just perfect for summer! It was also sexy enough to dress up for a supposedly romantic date, I made a great decision, did I? Gold Sandals: Forever…

Why I Love Beautiful Creatures

If you are a huge fan of romantic, teen flick movies like Twilight (where I cried when I watched its last supplement) you would definitely love Beautiful Creatures. (DISCLAIMER: I'm not a good movie critic but because I am still very much on a love hangover from the film, let me share with you some of my thoughts on the film.) Beautiful Creatures is a supernatural love story based on the lives of Ethan Wate ( Alden Ehrenreich), a guy who aims to escape their little town of Gatlin who met Lena Duchaness (Alice Englert), the mysterious new girl who moves to the town just before her 16th birthday. Lena stays with her overprotective uncle Macon Ravenwood who everyone believes both of them came from an evil worshipper. However, it was only Ethan who was brave enough to not believe those rumors and be friends with Lena.
The two eventually dated, however complications arise on the fact that when Lena, who is actually a witch turns 16, she will be "claimed" either to the good o…

South Korea Photodiary 2

The start of the year has been very challenging for me. Transferred to another territory, and my schedule made a 360 degrees turn and I usually end up very late. I subscribe to gym classes, which added to not so flexible schedule anymore (well I have to get fit for my wedding!). Anyways, before I rant more about my still-adjusting-to-work phase, let me share with you another set of photos from our incentive trip at Seoul South Korea. Everytime I feel tired from work, I look back at these photos and feel inspired (to work hard) so I'd be rewarded again for hard work. These were taken during the third day of our tour, where we shopped at Myeong Dong, visited the World Cup and went back to Manila.  I love lying down on snow. Made me feel like a kid! This would be heavy on photos so enjoy the photodiary. I tell you, the cosmetics in Korea were so affordable that I regret I did not have that much money to hoard. A lot of great finds on sale on shops like H&M, Uniqlo and a lot mo…