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Candy Crush + Paradise Treats Giveaway!!

Happy Easter people! I've been on a Holy week hiatus on the blog (primarily because I wanted to spend a lot of time at home, doing some household work-that I rarely do). I'm now really excited to update my blog because I have A LOT of sweet surprises for you guys! However, first things first. Let me share with you an outfit I wore last Wednesday, when I accompanied Paolo do his errands, met with my wedding coordinators and met with a friend at Rockwell. The heat was scorching so I decided to wear sheer to at least look and feel fresh for the day. I'm really glad that the Paradise Treats top and maxi skirt I'm wearing are both made of sheer! It helped me beat the heat without sacrificing my wanting to wear maxi for the day. Also, the colors are so perfect for summer -- which reminded me a lot of this addicting Facebook game called Candy Crush I tell you, Candy Crush is so addicting Paolo and I usually spend our day together not talking but playing Candy Crush on our i…

My First Run at AFC's Eat & Run!

If you follow me on social networks, you probably noticed the great amount of time I spend on the gym or just basically working out. I wasn't really much into gym -- or anything physical activities before but because I'm getting married, I had to exert extra effort to achieve that bridal figure (along with the fiance who has been working out over a year ago). Because of that, Paolo and I have been leaning towards doing activities that will help us physically fit, and one that we have been contemplating about is running. I have been wanting to join runs however, Paolo is a bit weary for he doesn't have that much cardiovascular training (cause he's more into lifting weights) so he'd rather skip running events. Luckily for me, the runner/blogger/ Mr. Franc Ramon gave me passes for AFC's Eat and Run Event (which happened last Sunday) that gave me a chance to FINALLY try running and FINALLY convince my fiance in joining a running event.

Photo from Sir Franc Ramon, t…

Summer Colors

Okay. So I was supposed to blog about the AFC's Eat and Run event I joined last Sunday but my phone died while I was retrieving photos. So I'd post another summer related photos (since I'm making up for the lack of time I spend for blogging. Florals and wide pants -- these 2 are my favorite summer pieces. Its the only time I believe that wearing too much floral is legal and wont look like I am tranported from the 1970's. Anyways, I wore this to Shangrila the past weekend to feel super duper comfortable with some sheer and flowy outfit. Earrings, Necklace, Ring and Bracelet : From 168 Shopping Mall Oh did I mention I dropped by Divisoria? Gosh I was so overwhelmed on how the accessories are so cheap there! The bib necklaces were sold for just P150 (which is P200-350 on other shops), P60 on the ring & earrings and P10 on the bracelets! I literally hoarded like there's no tomorrow while I was there! Wedges: SO FAB! Palazzo Pants: Foxy Fashion Hub Top: Gift from …

Creme Dela Femme

Summer is definitely here! The scorching heat, the burning feel of the sun -- its the best time to wear tank tops, skimpy shorts, floral dresses, colorful dresses or anything that screams summer! Gladly, Creme Dela Femme, an online shop that sells affordable, beautiful clothes offers a lot of nice apparel that are very summer friendly. Just like this floral wide-leg pants. Paolo took this photos while we were at the parking of the Lucky Chinatown Mall (in Binondo). We were lucky to be able to find a good spot (white wall always does the trick!) at the parking lot. 
I have to say that the floral pants are so perfect for summer! The better news is, the pants only cost P320! I tell you, Creme Dela Femme is an online shop that can make you be stylish on a budget! Because I think that wearing the white tank top alone is a little simple, I decided to combine 2 necklaces together -- which I hope worked. Bra Top: Uniqlo Necklaces: Simone Fashion Closet & Kiss Accessories Watch: Veloci f…