Ooops I Wore It Again

12:18 AM roviedear 9 Comments

I'm sure you've seen this outfit before. When a dress captures my heart, I tend to wear it over and over again. So when my family and I went to Canyon Cove a couple of months ago, I wore this SM GTW tribal printed dress once again. The dress is so perfect for summer that I cannot help not to wear it again.  
Hat: SM Accessories || Sandals:  Coleslaw
Shades: Charles and Keith

The no edit photo.
Anyways, I really have to make this quick as I'm tired from work and work-out. If you have been seeing my instagram, I have been working out at club360 for more than 2 months already! Ive been working really hard to lose weight for my wedding :p

Much Love
The Bargain Doll

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Franc Ramon said...

Good luck on the work outs. I'm sure your gonna be a pretty and fit bride.

Carizza Chua said...

go for that wedding perfect body! haha few months to go!

ruthilicious said...

I looove the dress babe! If you are selling it, me getting it! LOL

I have no issue wearing the same dress, as long as I wear it differently the next time. Fact is, too hard to plan the wardrobe :)

But hey, I am excited for you babe!!! and inggit, you have time for gym ;) Hope to see you soon!

Catherine Marie Atienza said...

I'm really digging this look! I love how you styled the entire thing! :D


I read your tweets nga eh. Go for gold! ;)

love the prints of this outfit! loving charlesandkeith sunglasses too even their bags and shoe hihi. Lucky you can wear any hats and suits you well. I have big ears hats cant handle them haha

ang ganda sis.. and your blog design too! nice

Erica said...

i love your dress :) im your new follower of gfc and bloglovin :)

toni pino said...

i adore your dress! and your sunnies too! ;)

toni perfumed red shoes