Review: GLISH Lip & Cheek Tint in Berry, Nude & Pink

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It was a lovely surprise when these babies arrived in our house a week back. Honestly, I have never tried any GLISH products and I was really curious (and excited to try it). I've always been a fan of lip and cheek tints for the ease in use. It will be my first time to use a tint in mousse and I must say, I was really impressed. 
So for this mini beauty review, I decided to try these three beautiful shades: Pink Crush, Berry Blush & Nude Rush
Product Swatched with & without Flash: Berry Blush, Nude Rush and Pink Crush

For this particular post, I used the Pink Crush shade as my cheek tint. I have been using this product for work for days now and I must say I have been receiving compliments on the way my make-up look. It gives me that refreshing and youthful look and helps me achieve tha make-up no make-up look effortlessly.
Pink Crush as cheek and lip tint without flash
Among the three shades, it is the Pink Crush that I super love to use as a blush. It gives me that fresh and subtle make up look -- which is a perfect workday look.
Pink Crush as cheek and lip tint with flash

Let me share with you the swatches as I used each shade as a lip tint:
The Pink Crush is perfect for everyday use! It gives that light pink shade to give that young and fresh aura. It also gives that barbie pink shade that I personally love.
I initially thought that the Nude Rush will give that brownish shade on the lips but I was surprised when it gave a coral shade after application. It is also nice to use on events / work to achieve a sweet and sexy  look.
The Berry Blush is perfect for parties, or even for days where I don't feel like wearing make-up. The Berry Blush's red shade is perfect to capture anyone's attention. I also love this shade (and saving this one for important occasions) ;)

All in all I love GLISH Lip and Cheek Tint Because:
  • The soft consistency is very easy to apply on the lips
  • Higly pigmented -- I only need a small amount to spread on my lips / cheek 
  • The fruity smell and taste is so nice that I don't mind re-applying it.
  • Because of its mousse-like consistency, the tint is very easy to adjust (when you overapply) and does not leave any permanent mark on fingers (very easy to remove)
  • The tint is moisturized, but for extremely chapped lips (like mine), applying lip balm before application is reccomended. Nevertheless, this is one of the better moisturized lip products I've tried
I hope you liked this review! Cannot wait to share more beauty stuff with you readers!! Soon I'll also post a review on GLISH's HYDRAMIST and BODY BUTTER that are both great products! 


You will definitely love ALL their products!

Much Love
The Bargain Doll

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Sam Lanuza said...

I have blushes from GLish and I love their cute packaging. I like the pink Crush on you. :) so girly. haha

Rhea Bue said...

woooow!! babe!! love it! :D Ganda ng Pink Crush sayo!!! <3

megannmonday said...

I looove coral toned lipsticks :) But for you, super bagay nga yung pink crush :D

Megann, Style Surgery

Sie Cajilig said...

The colors are so lovely. <3

Em said...

nice shades! :))

조이 Czjai said...

I'm not familiar with this brand but their products look promising! :)

Tin said...

I use their blush powder.. Masubukan nga rn ito. How much is one pot? Love the shades!

bagay lahat sayo rovie puti mo kasi eh haha :)

MissApriil said...

WOW! those are super pigmented products! not familiar with the brand, though. but looking at these photos, i think they'll go a long way :)

Kai Grafia said...

Awesome sis! I love nude rush! That is soooo me <3

CJ said...

Very nice!

Irene said...

I love the pink, it looks good on you, and my kikay daughter will approved that it really is Barbie's color. :D

Sumi Go said...

These lip and cheek tints look so nice! Its' been a while since I've last worn tints, but I'll give these a try.

shibe said...

Hello :-) can i know the ingredients? :-)