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Beauty Review: NYX Concealer Jar

My biggest beauty problem would have to be my eyebags. So I always search for the perfect, affordable concealers that can easily hide my under eye dark circles.  So when we went to the NYX store in SM Annex, this is the first item I asked about -- their concealers. I was initially opting for the liquid type but their resident make-up artist convinced me to get their cream concealer instead for it has a heavier coverage with a lighter finish. For just P360, this item is worth buying and trying!
PRODUCT SWATCHES What I love about it: * It is indeed very lightweight and easy to apply * Blends well with my skin tone and on my foundation * does not cake under eyes * nice, make-up scent * effectively conceals my dark circles What I do not like: Well I cannot think of anything not to like about it, except that I put a thick amount before I achieve my ideal result (or I think its just me?)  Overall Rating: Texture: 5/5 Price: 5/5 Coverage 4/5 Scent: 4/5 Packaging 5/5
Total: 4.5 / 5
Hope you li…

Crazy Kids

The whistle on Ke$ha's latest song, Crazy Kids is stuck in my head as I write this post. Well, its fitting enough for my blog cause this is probably one of my craziest outfit I've ever worn -- inside a mall! They say when you have it flaunt it.Since I've been working real hard lately for my Project Sexy honeymoon body, why not wear cropped / midribs? I'm partly grateful that Paolo did not took these outfit photos cause if it was him behind the lens, these photos won't be captured. But don't worry, I was permitted to post this one. Denim: SM GTW / TRUE LOVE Trying to project an edgy vibe is really a challenge for me so this is the closest thing I can get to edgy / punk. I love how a different style gives a liberating feeling! Its fun to mix and match outfits that are out of your comfort zone and there come up with a fun look. Do you guys like this outfit? Top: Random  (I confess, I used this as my sports bra! and I got this for only P100!) This CRAVE MORE necklace …

Eat Healthy, Drink Healthy!

For someone who is on a #ProjectSexy mode like me, the biggest challenge in my fit lifestyle is food. Working out is not enough to achieve that perfecty toned body, but diet should come hand in hand as well. However, one of the biggest challenge for me is where to find that healthy food when I'm not at home. Where to eat? What to eat?
 Since I'm always on-the-go (and a gym rat too), I'm happy to share to you some of the basic health tricks that are fitting for our lifestyle!

1. NEVER GO FOR THE NO CARBS DIET! Common misconception: “carbs and fats are enemies”. A proper diet is synonymous to a balanced diet. Meaning, you do not have to eliminate an entire food group, as the trick lies solely on watching your consumption. Carbs and fats aid the body in producing the energy needed in everyday work. So when you’re out, just go for low-fat alternatives; then for carbs, as they say, the darker the shade, the healthier.
2. NO CHIPS FOR SNACKS! Snacks are crucial in keeping the bod…

Freeway Mixed Prints Collection 2013

Even if the rainy season is here, there's no reason to look dull and dreary! Because FREEWAY knows how to brighten up any girls day, FREEWAY offers a special collection that will definitely stand out.

Florals are taking over as Freeway brings out a special collection featuring its own exclusive prints exuding the perfect balance of femininity, charm and allure. It consists of tops and dresses featuring simple silhouettes and styles with stunning prints made out of soft, loose and flowy material, all with that comfort stretch component. The prints are comprised of blossoms with a watercolor and painting effect, seemingly comparable to wearing a beautiful collage of roses, tulips, orchids and more on a canvass. As for the colors, a mixture of sweet colors such as pink, blue, yellow, red and green are used, very much like the hues you see on a beautiful garden. As for the footwear, complementing the collection’s soft and feminine theme are lovely shoes from Janylin and Muñiz.

This col…

Asian Secrets Whitening Spa

I've seen this Asian Secrets Whitening Spa when I went to SM The Block weeks back. Being a loyal user of the brand, it somehow excited me to know that there's a spa that offers full body whitening and pampering that uses Asian Secrets as their house brand. So when I was invited to grace their soft opening yesterday, I immediately blocked of my Saturday for this. Went to the event with my blogger bff, Mich and Rhea (who arrived when Mich and I were already being pampered). When they learned that I'm also working with Unilab, they were surprised! :) I'm a bit shy to tell them I'm also a blogger. Haha Asian Secrets Spa offer scrub, massage, wrap services in a much affordable price! The good thing is they are using Asian Secrets for the whole body scrub and a special lotion for the massage. Their rates start at P500! I tell you their service is way beyond amazing One of the things I like about this spa is they first interview you prior the treatment. They ask whether …