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So I just finished preparing the stuff that I'll sell later at the Bazaar for all Season (at Elements Tent, Eton Centris) when I realized that I have this set of outfit photos on draft. So instead of dozing off, I decided to write a little something something here on my blog and tell you more about the cutest part of my outfit -- my ROOTOTE. ROOTOTE: ZALORA
The tote is so cute that I seriously felt like I was carrying a puppy with me while I was shopping at THE SM STORE Makati over the weekend. I intentionally matching colors with the bag so even though I was in a dressy mood, the casual look of the bag would still match my outfit. I love using the tote cause I was able to carry a lot of my stuff in it (phone, wallet, kikay kit, etc.) Since Paolo and I were had a "laidback" nightout that weekend, I dressed up in my usual feminine look - something perfect for a dinner date. Personal style probably evolves with age as lately, I find myself liking warm colors and laces and…

The Working Doll

For someone who is employed, it is noticeable that I rarely post corporate outfits on my blog. Well I have a couple of reasons -- (1) Paolo (my photographer / fiance) is not with me at work and I don't have anyone else to take my photos; (2) I'm always dressed down at work cause I always have to move around the field. Thus, I only have a day or two where I'm in that "dressy" mood. Just like the day where Paolo took this set of outfit photos. Honestly, I like wearing casual pieces to work. Aside from always making me feel comfortable in clothes, they are cute enough to be noticed. So instead of wearing those crisp white polos at work, I prefer wearing cutesy tops like this, and play around with it by wearing blazer and other accessories. Top: SM GTW Blazer & Pants: Thrifted Watch: ODM Shoes: Shoo In If you are wondering if I actually wore the hanging top the whole day, I did not! Wore it, meeting with my clients with the blazer button-closed. I won't be ab…


It was a Saturday, Paolo and I met up with the jeweler (who apparently did my engagement ring) to discuss about our wedding ring. Yes you read it right, wedding ring!! Pao and I are just thrilled cause we got a good deal with our wedding ring and we met up with her in Gateway Place at Robinsons Pioneer. So why am I telling you about this wedding ring? That is because on the way to our meeting with the jeweler, Paolo and I passed by this playground area and immediately decided that we take our outfit shots there. Top: SM GTW (Shopaholic)  Shoes: Aldo || Jeggings: Random
Honestly, when Paolo and I saw the "playground" we first played on it (like kids) before we actually took our outfit shot! Good thing I was wearing jeggings for our meeting (I really wanted to look and feel very comfortable) that I was able to play around. If you've seen the instavideo I posted last Saturday, you probably have an idea what Paolo and I did on this playground! Anyways, its actually the seco…

Review: NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Thalia

Hello everyone! How's your holiday so far? Well in my case, I just came home from my one hour stop at the gym (had 30 mins Suspension Training class and 30 mins body weight class) and here I am now, updating you with the lipstick shade I have been obsessing with lately. That is this nude / pink round lipstick from NYX At first impression, I thought Thalia is in pinkish brown shade but upon application, the color is leaning towards to the old rose shade. Here are the product swatches with and without flash.

What I love about it:
* The label says its extra creamy, indeed it is extra creamy! It gives my lips extra moisture
* since the color is heavy pigmented, I only need a little application to achieve a nice color
* does not make my lips chap
* if I apply lightly, I get that nude / pinkish shade
* really affordable! costs around P150++
If there are things I don't like about it that is:
* if I apply too much, the shade turns purplish
* since its really soft, it melts easily when…