107th Month

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My weeknights has changed from dine-outs to workouts. If you follow me on instagram, you would notice the increased visits I do at the gym because the big day is nearing! However, I still do date nights once in while and eat out with the fiance just like what we did earlier this evening. 
I wore this to our 107th monthsary dinner date at MESA earlier. Since I came from workout (I workout 4-5x a week lately anyways), I decided to dress up as lightly as I can. As always, I've mixed and match some statement pieces that even if I'm in my most stubborn (and tired) mood, I would still look little stylish.
Vest: Thrifted || Top: Random
Shorts: Dollhouse || Bad: Topshop
Shoes: Steve Madden

Anyways, since I'm a little tired and sleepy (cause its already 2AM) I'm making this a little short. I'm sorry for the haggrd look, I decided to not put on makeup (just red lipstick) for our date which my fiance really liked.

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll
Photos by: Paolo Peralta

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Aya said...

Congratulations on your 107th monthsary! Light but indeed stylish outfit - achieved! :D

I like the ombre shorts and the boots! Even with no make-up you still look gorgeous though. :)

phyaboo said...

I love the cut on your top!

Getting sexier with each post ha!!

Happy 107th!

RebelSweetHrt said...

Less is more - my husband likes it that way sometimes. Happy 107th! :)

Rhea Bue said...

OMG!! so sexyyy babe! I looove the tooop!!! <3

I like your top here!!!

Gen-zel said...

You're getting sexier each time I visit your blog! :) <3 Love our outfit here esp. the top :)

You're so gorgeous! Love this outfit especially your knitted cover-up, top and Steve Madden shoes!!!

Lean Lacaba said...

pretty combination! love the shorts!

I love the vest! really lotsa nice treasure from a thrift shop :)

U-Ned Algabre said...

The bag, the vest, the shoes and the poise!. :)

Franc Ramon said...

You look pretty even with not much make up and nice outfit too.