Sweater Weather

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One good thing about the rainy weather is I can wear the sweaters I thrift for P50 each. If you go to ukay ukay you'd see that one of the cheapest item they sell are the sweaters. So I have a lot of cutesy sweaters like this but never had the chance to wear them because of Manila's hot weather. Since I'm ginawin I tend to wear a lot of sweaters lately to keep me warm. However, I cannot sacrifice style hence I play with a lot of prints and color, just like what I did in this outfit.
Top: Thrifted
Yes you know it. We love to #selfie
Shoes: Juan by Janylyn
Skirt: Pretty Munchkin
Obviously, pink is my comfort color. So whenever I don't have any idea what or which color to wear, I seek pink as my refuge and work around with it. Hope you like this post.

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll
Photos by Paolo Peralta

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Aya said...

Waa I love your shoes!!! Very Barbie. And your big hair bun looks so elegant! Did you use a donut for that or something? :D

I like the skirt so much... And yes the hair bun too. ^_^

Lean Diwa Buscaino said...

I love PINK :) That's all I can say! :) Sooo pretty!
Drop by in my blog if you can

THANKS *New Blogger here*

Shugah Pauline G. said...

omg. I love your skirt~ I love wearing this kind of outfit! I can wear this in my favorite place in Bukidnon which is way colder than where I am right now :P

i love that selfie shot of yours! i've been wearing sweater or cardi this past few days! and like yours maginaw nah pero and sweater/cardi light colours prin! Love the shoes too!

Mom-Friday said...

I like how you styled this look! Perfect match with the printed skirt. :) Nice hair bun too!

Loving your outfit here, sis Rovie! It looks so comfy and laid-back yet still chic at the same time. Love the pattern and color of the skirt against your hot pink sweater and pumps. Your hair bun fitted perfectly too! *sigh* I hope I can wear my sweaters too, but I sweat easily. >.< Even if it's rainy, since it's still humid, I still can't wear thicker clothing. T__T

aaaw. sometimes i choose the fabrics too. but since im so ginawin super okay sakin sweaters :)

thank you :)

yay thanks! haha alam mo yan always selfie :P

thank youu :) hihi go minsan fashionable din pag nakasweater :D

thank you :D

yay have a tutorial on my previous post :)

I used CLAIRE's donut maker! have a tutorial on my previous post :D thanks aya!

Sabs Hernandez said...

I really do love how you did your hair ♥ I enjoyed reading through your blog :)


RebelSweetHrt said...

Love the colors of your outfit! Brightens up a gloomy, stormy day. :)

Dhadha G. said...

I love your skirt sis! Ang pretty ng pattern! Where did you buy it? Hehe. Anyway, I bought a donut bun few days ago kasi I also want to try it. At first it's kind of hard, lalo pa na ikaw mismo yung gumagawa sa hair mo. Will check your tutorial nga. Hihi. :)