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Boyfriend Sweater

Remember the blue peplum dress I wore a couple of weeks back to a movie date with Paolo? Well, if you don't, here's a little refresher on the look: Why am I showing this? It is because, I was wearing the exact same dress underneath Paolo's sweater!! Coincidentally, I bought the sweater with me during our date night  and because it was freezing cold inside the movie house (we watched Elysium, if I remember it correctly) I wore the sweater to keep me warm. However, when I went to the bathroom, I noticed that the outfit looked good and forced Paolo to take another set of photos. I felt like I was wearing another outfit! Dress: Boardwalk || Sweater: Paolo's Shoes: Folded & Hung Indeed, wearing your boyfriend's shirt (or sweater to be very specific) can actually make you feel and look sexy.
Ending this post now folks! Hope you had a relaxing weekend! Much Love, The Bargain Doll Photos by Paolo Peralta

Date Night

Blazer: SM GTW (Redhead) || Dress: SM GTW (Betty) Shoes: Aldo || Necklace: La Nina Fashion

How was your Saturday loves? Well I spent it with my fiance in our "changed" routine. Before, Paolo and I usually spend our Saturdays drinking out with friends but now that we're becoming health rats, Paolo and I spend our Saturdays by going to the gym earlier in the day then end it with a date night after. Earlier today, Paolo started our Saturday afternoon by working out at our usual gym (360 Fitness Club) and since I had a rough week, I asked him if he could take me out on a date -- which we did. As always, we went to our now favorite mall (Robinson's Magnolia), ate at Arya then watched Runner Runner after. Opted to re-wear my (super favorite) LWD from Betty (I've been wearing this dress over and over again) with this blue printed blazer from Redhead. I wanted to look sweet and simple for our date, thus the choice of pieces. I also love the necklace! Its so cute that I …

My Personal Lazada Wishlist

Wow, time flies so fast! I cannot believe that Christmas is just around the corner! Now that December is fast approahcing, its also the season to make the Christmas list! So before anything else let me share with you my personal wishlist. 1. Nikon AF Lense Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 D

Every blogger needs a beautiful set of photos! Since I've been using kit lens for my years in blogging, I wanted an upgrade and would really appreciate having better photos. This one would be a perfect gift for me.
2.  Imarflex 2-in-1 Juice Extractor and Ice Shaver By Christmas time, my wedding would be over and one of my fears is I might stop doing my healthy routine. Well, with this juicer and shaver in one, I wont have any excuse to drink heathy fruit and veggie shakes! Does project sexy will never stop even at Christmas time.
3. Michael Kors Blair Rose Gold
Since I have been preparing for our wedding for many months now, I havent made a big purchase for myself (except for wedding related expenses). So fo…

Calm & Feminine

My love for feminine, printed dresses will never fade. When I saw this dress at Betty (SM GTW), I immediately bought the dress! The dress screams spring! Aside from that, the dress looks so tranquil, so calm and so feminine. It was the reason why I chose to wear this to gathering with Paolo's family a week back. I wanted to look appeasing to Paolo's family especially his lola thus the outfit choice. Would you also wear the same dress when you "meet the parents?" Dress: Betty (SM GTW) || Shoes: Forever 21 Accessories: SM Accessories 
Anyways have to keep this short as I have a number of things to do! Gotta go now!
Kisses! Much Love, The Bargain Doll Photos by Paolo Peralta


Whenever Bella is in charge of my outfit photos, she takes it on another level. For this photoshoot, Bella made me go up the tree to complete the goddess of nature theme of the shoot. Cause I'm an obedient model (and because I trust whatever Bella says when it comes to photos), I did climb a tree for the photo sake. Based on the finished photos, everything was worth it. You know I'm usually serious on my OOTD sets but Bella wants me to smile on photos. So here are the better, happy photos Bella took. I wish I could look like this everyday! Really, thank you Bella for always, always making me look my best! Top: From Kat Valdez' Booth at BFAS Dress used as skirt: Tomato || Shoes: Jellybean Headpiece: Il Fiore
Look how scared Rhea was when I was climbing the tree -- all for the sake of OOTD! Haha (define buwis buhay) Seriously, this shoot was so fun!
Cutting this short now. Hope you liked my buwis buhay, dyosa photos by Bella Morcen
Much Love, The Bargain Doll

Anywhere We Shoot

There are times when you're in a mall, desperately need to take an outfit shot but couldn't find the perfect place to do it. That's why the last time Bella Morcen, Rhea Bue and I were together (probably a couple of weeks back) at SM North Edsa (to shop at SM GTW), we ended up eating at Magnolia Ice Cream shop because it was the most beautiful, well lighted spot there. Good thing there were a few people inside that we were able to maximize the place and act as if it was our own. We're so lucky that Bella was an excellent photographer and she was able to take advantage of the cutesy place. Being super vain, Rhea and I on the other hand took advantage of Bella's skills. (Hihi we love you Arabells!) Caught in the act!
Blazer: SM GTW (Redhead) Top: Freeway | Pants: Thrifted | Shoes: From Jacky Moraleda  Bracelet: Sweetyfashionfab | Neclace: Borrowed from Rhea Bue
Hope you liked this post! Happy Sunday guys :D
Much Love, The Bargain Doll
Photos by Bella Morcen