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Forever Summer

Top: True Love (SM GTW) || Skirt: Betty (SM GTW) Watch: ODM || Shoes: Trunkshow || Bag: Coach

I never thought I'd fall in love with denim pieces until I discovered the beautiful pieces in SM GTW's True Love and Dollhouse. As I've said earlier in my previous blog post, it took me a lot of courage to wear denims for I had an awkward fashion sense growing up. Anyways, decided to pair my denim top with this super colorful skirt from Betty, (another SM GTW brand) to add color in my outfit. Colorful and girly has always been my style and regardless of the weather, I'd dress up as if its summer all the time. Honestly speaking, I sort of having a separation anxiety with my fashion style. You know in weeks time I'm getting married and my life will change forever. Its a point where I need to change -- be a grown up, act like a grown up and even dress up like a grown up. I'm thinking, should I also change my fashion style? Should I dress up more maturely or should I main…

The Bridezilla

Aside from the wedding day, one of the most exciting thing about getting married is having the chance to have your friends organize you, the bride-to-be a bachelorette party. We see it in movies, and admit it or not, sometime imagine how ours (when the perfect time comes) would go. I never expected mine would be super fun (and wholesome!!). I must say I have the bestest friends in the world for putting on their time, effort and money to give me, and another November bride, Beverly Jiongco a wonderful bridal shower. Held at A. Venue suites last Friday, we spent a night filled of alcohol and revelations (we had a how well do you know your partner and have you ever quiz session and a shot of tequila awaits the person who gave the wrong answer!) Proud to day that I won the first quiz part but suck on the latter so both of us brides ended up super drunk that night. The November brides: Me and Bev Jiongco Sorry, this is just me dancing cause I was winnung the "How well do you know your …

90's Kid

Dress: SM GTW (True Love) Shoes: H&M || Hat: SM Accessories
Like you, denims remind me of the 90's. Honestly growing up, my my fashion sense was a little awkward and I wore a lot of denims when I was young. Vests (I call them chaleco back then!), baggy pants, palda shorts, jumpers, name it I wore it. I looked a little weird when I was young so I decided not to wear denim now that I'm older. It took me a lot of courage to finally wear denim again now that the trend is back. Glad that one of SM GTW brands, True Love has a lot of wonderful denim pieces that are perfect for every girl. Just like how this denim dress made me look like a teenager! 
Anyways, I am making the most out of my singlehood and trying to look young as I can! Good thing SM GTW pieces fits me! Haha! Speaking of wedding, shall talk about my recently concluded bridal shower soon. For now I have to go and rest. 
Much Love, The Bargain Doll
Photos by Paolo Peralta

Less Than a Month

Bracelet and Flowers: Les Moda || Crown: Anagon Dress: Thrifted || Shoes: Shoo In
I asked Paolo if the term wedding jitters connotes something negative, he said that it somehow does. Since our wedding is less than a month from now, I get that weird feeling. Excited, anxious, happy -- feelings I cannot explain. I feel excited (cause I'm getting married and marriage is something big!!) and pressured cause I want everything to be perfect on the big day. I feel tensed cause I want to impress not just myself, but to all the people who will travel far just to attend the big day. Hopefully, things will all go well not just on the day, but even after our married life.
Pray for us and wish us well, friends! :)

Much Love, The Bargain Doll
Photos by: Bella Morcen

Save The Date! 11.16.2013 #TheUnionPaoloRovie

In less than a month, my whole life will change. 

Much Love, The Bargain Doll

I'm a Thigh Warrior

You guys know how much I love being in the gym. If you follow me on instagram, you must notice the amount of time I spend weight lifting, dancing or doing anything extreme for fitness sake. Weird, but I find my source of comfort and joy in the four smelly, sweaty walls of gym. So when a good friend, Christine Liwag invited me to Planaforma's Zumba party last Thursday evening, I immediately said yes!! I was so excited to dance with these lovely people -- Kelly, Tin, Nicole! If there's one thing I love about Planaforma's Zumba Party, that is people REALLY EXERT EFFORT. I mean, from costumes to dance moves, everybody was giving their best. Just like how everybody customized their shirts to come up with their best Spice Girls costumes (see Christine's)! It was impressive! By the way, Tin, Kelly and Nicole were the ones to cut my shirt into fringes thus my hubadera sporty spice costume.
I tell you, that 1 hour Zumba routine at Planaforma was one of the most INTENSE Zumba s…