90's Kid

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Shoes: H&M || Hat: SM Accessories

Like you, denims remind me of the 90's. Honestly growing up, my my fashion sense was a little awkward and I wore a lot of denims when I was young. Vests (I call them chaleco back then!), baggy pants, palda shorts, jumpers, name it I wore it. I looked a little weird when I was young so I decided not to wear denim now that I'm older. It took me a lot of courage to finally wear denim again now that the trend is back. Glad that one of SM GTW brands, True Love has a lot of wonderful denim pieces that are perfect for every girl. Just like how this denim dress made me look like a teenager! 

Anyways, I am making the most out of my singlehood and trying to look young as I can! Good thing SM GTW pieces fits me! Haha! Speaking of wedding, shall talk about my recently concluded bridal shower soon. For now I have to go and rest. 

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Photos by Paolo Peralta

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Carizza Chua said...

you're not alone! i used to wear sweep flooring pants when i was in high school hahaha

Franc Ramon said...

Well, you still look very young. Denims are just classic, they could go for generations and they still would be a hit.

Lilpink said...

lalalalooove your dress. you look so young and vibrant in that dress. ^____^
talk about 90s.. hahaha. i used to wear those flared bootleg jeans. they look good tho. it depends on how you wear them.

jaquiperez said...

cutey dress rovie!! plus the shoes! : )

Denise said...

funny hat if you get bored of it send it to me :) ha ha . Love your blog

Jam Daquio said...

I like that porma of yours.btw, i also had those baggy pants - a thing we shouldnt be ashamed of.. coz we're the 90's babY! :)

Claire said...

very cute outfit! very bubbly <3 and you kind of look like niki gil there.

U-Ned Belleza Algabre said...

Such a fun mix n match, nice hat too!

Tsukiyo said...

Love the denim dress and your timeless boots! :)

Tory Blum said...

The shoes are to die for!

Renee said...

I love that outfit but have no idea how you wear those heels. Even though they are chunky and look like they are a wedge they would kill my feet. The hat looks great too, I think it finishes off the look.

Love the denim dress!


The shoes are perf! ~brightjewelry.info

Mitch Leus said...

Nice hippie outfit you got there and the hat is really a nice touch! I love pieces from SM GTW line, too bad most of them don't fit me. :(


Jamie said...

Great Outfit :) You look really cute. Just wanted to mention skin whitening.