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I'm Walking on Sunshine

So after a week of our recently concluded post wedding Boracay trip, I'm going to bombard you with tons of beach-related outfit posts and photodiaries the coming days. Now that wedding and honeymoon stage is over, time to go back to work (and blogging). So let me share with you my one of the outfits I wore as I stroll around the beautiful shores of Boracay with my husband and our family.

Gosh did I say husband?

Bikini top: Sassa  || Bikini Bottom: Sunkissed (SM GTW)
Dress: Tomato || Sandals: Tiangge
Shades and Hat: From Boracay (D'Mall)

You guys know how much I worked hard to achieve a well toned body (for the wedding) and I'm really thankful it showed. However cause I lacked discipline on diet, I was not able to achieve a well-toned abs (just like my fitspiration, Lissa Kahayon). However, now that wedding is over, I will still try my best to work out and maintain (or improve) my figure. I sort of lost some of my cuts after stress eating a week before the wedding and holid…

More of Happy Fingers

Top: Pretty Munchkin || Jeans: Thrifted Denim Jacket: True Love (SM GTW)
I know I surprised you a couple of days back with the set of photos Don Micheal de Leon of Happy Fingerstook. The peg my not my usual, girly look but the laidback, street style that I don't wear most of the time. As always, Don wanted to show off my abs and biceps hence the fierce look. Hope you guys like his amazing photography. Anyways, Paolo also took some behind the scene photos (while Don and I are filming) and here are his awesome shots:

I did some color editing on photoshop (though not as great as Don's work) but I hope his shots are also good. Oh, by the way have you seen our same-day-edit? If you still haven't, just click play on the link below:

Gotta go now guys! Much Love, The Bargain Doll

Dove's #IAmBeautifulMovement

Only 7% of Filipinas Describe Themselves As Beautiful—Dove Wants To Change That

In this era of bespoke trends, personal blogs, and selfies, it would be quite logical to assume that Filipinas finally have a healthy sense of self—that they now acknowledge their own beauty and think of themselves as being truly beautiful. However, this recently uncovered reality suggests otherwise:

“Only seven percent of Filipina women regard themselves as actually being beautiful.”
This was a finding borne from the recent Dove-commissioned study that gathered women from Southeast Asia, concentrating on the Philippines, to uncover “The Real Truth About Beauty.” The regional study hoped to define the beauty sensibilities of women from within the country and across the region. The findings show a common thread: an enlivened perspective and an attuned sense of self-awareness. The results proved refreshingly positive with healthy valuations when it came to beauty, but this particular figure stumped us. How can o…

Basic Skinny


Guwapong Chinitong May Kotse: Paolo Rovie's Same Day Edit :)

"Hindi pa kita kilala, pinapangarap na kita. Dati lagi ako nagdadaydream ng guwapong chinitong may kotse, tapos nakita kita.Kaya ginawa ko ang lahat para mapasakin ka" - Rovie to Paolo, 11-16-2013
Paolo and I have been together for 9 years but we cannot explain the happiness both of us felt on our wedding day. It is the fulfillment of our dream, the answer to our prayer -- to spend the rest of our lives with each other. For him, I am his soul mate, to me, he is my greatest blessing.
Laugh, cry and fall in love. This video summarizes everything that happened during our wedding day -- which was also Paolo's 29th birthday. To those who were not able to make it on our big day, and to those we wish were there to witness our big day, hope you guys would like this!
Church: Caleruega, Nasugbu Batangas Reception: Rosemont Gardens, Alfonso Tagaytay Gown and Suit: Edward Teng HMUA: Jay Ramos Caterer: Juan Carlo the Caterer

Much Love, The Bargain Doll
PS: Finally back to bloggin…

Before the Break

Top: SM GTW (Redhead) || Skirt: Forever 21 Shoes: Rajo for Parisian
Okay so this will probably be my last outfit post as I take a wedding break from blogging. I honestly don't have lots of stories to share as Paolo and I have to make last minute preparation and head on over to tagaytay tomorrow for our church wedding at Caleruega.
If I still have the energy, I would share to you guys tomorrow each of my wedding suppliers. For now, I gotta go!
Much Love, The Bargain Doll

Maybelline Top Models 2014

Maybelline New York is looking for 8 ladies to be the top models of 8-in-1 Clea Smooth BB Cream. Now, being one of their bloggers, I am challenged to inspire you, yes you to join and be part of this shot. 
Simple! Just submit 2 headshots and a full body shot on and say why you deserve to be a Maybelline BB Top Model. You can start doing it now!
8 ladies will be selected to be the 2014 official faces of Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream and 2 will be chosen to be represented by Ideal People Models.
How to do the challenge? Will tell you guys about it soon but for the moment, let me share with you the three variants of the Maybelline Clear Smooth BB you can choose from.

Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick (P289) – The first BB Stick with 12 hour anti-shine powder finish! With its silky smooth application, it gives you a shine free powder finish every time!  Maybelline Clear Smooth 8 in 1 Skin Transformer BB Cream (P259) – Covers like foundation b…

Beauty Rest

Hello dolls!! I will be taking a short break from blogging for I need to get a number of beauty rest to prepare for my big day on Saturday, Nov 16 2013. I'm tensed, excited and anxious at the same time. I hope you guys will pray with me to make sure our special day will run smoothly and perfectly! Will do a wedding update soon so you'll know the suppliers we booked.
Both of us can't wait for our wedding day! Pray for the success of our big day and the prosperity of our future lives together.
Wrote this using my tita's Ipad. Will take the beauty sleep now.
Much Love, The Bargain Doll

Food Meets Fashion Bazaar

The holidays is just around the corner and this means one thing -- shopping, shopping and more shopping! In line of this,Food Meets Fashion Bazaar is inviting all Inviting all Concessionaires, Exhibitors, Local & International Innovative Companies & Sponsors, Food and Fashion Bloggers to join this Xmas Payday Bazaar. An Outdoor Fashion and Food Extravaganza…

This event will be featured bySolar TV, Crossover 105.1, Radio High 105.9 FM, Business World, When in Manila, Herword & Fashion/Food Bloggers and many other media partners…
Why reserve a booth? Here are your target market:
Nearby residences: (Mckinley Hill Village, Tuscany Private Estate,  Venice Luxury Residences, Morgan Suites, Garden Villas)
 Shopping malls (Venetian Mall, Venice Piazza, Bonifacio Global Center,  Market Market, SM Aura
Restaurants (Bonifacio Global Center &a wide selection of restos around the area
Offices (One World Square, Mckinley Hill Cyberpark,  Commerce Plaza, Call centers etc)
Schools (Enderun College…

All Smiles

Top: Bought from Kat Valdez at the BFAS || Shorts: SM GTW (Dollhouse) Shoes: Random
Honestly, posting a set of smiling, happy photos is a rare thing for me. Sometimes I find it refreshing to see myself posing that big smile for my ootd shots (I get tired with my usual pa-fierce look). Anyways, Paolo and I took this set of photos at Don's place (told you before his place is awesome) where I mix and match some of old clothes. I love recycling clothes and re-styling them in many ways possible before I sell / give them away. I chose to combine pink and yellow for that refreshing, summer look. 
As always, I have a busy day / week ahead so have to go now and fix some of our wedding stuff.
I'll be back on track really soon!
Much Love, The Bargain Doll
Photos by Paolo Peralta