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Last of the Year

Top: SM GTW (Dollhouse) || Skirt: From Kat Valdez Shoes: (Zalora) 
I was supposed to write my best of 2013 post but because it took us long to check in here at Diamond Hotel, I decided to postpone it and just post this outfit I wore on the way here. Paolo and I decided to stay the night over to celebrate our first new year's eve as a married couple. We were not able to enjoy our "honeymoon" (despite the fact that I'm already pregnant now) when we were at Boracay, so I requested to have our "quality time" by having a staycation nearby. It was always my dream to watch fireworks on NYE near Manila Bay and I'm glad Pao and I were able to score a room here. 
Anyways, as for the outfit, again its one of my comfy looks. I really like this top from Dollhouse cause its so versatile! I can pair this with a skirt and with any denim bottom and still look stylish! Also, I'm glad I was able to shop some flats from Zalora (now that I'm not allo…

Sneaker Fever

Skirt: SM GTW (Redhead) || Top: Old Navy Cardigan: Gift || Sneakers: Lee Cooper
Good thing Paolo has his Iphone 5s (naks iphone!) and he was able to take my OOTDs a couple of days ago. As always, I left my DSLR at home and (usually) forget to take my outfit shots. Anyways, you have noticed my sudden change of style from ultra-girly (with high heels) to comfy. Well I have been trying my best to still be stylish despite the fact that I'm not allowed to wear heels for the coming months. Gladly, my cousin gave me this pair of sneakers from Lee Cooper! I was never the type to wear sneakers but I never thought you could actually be fashionable while wearing it! So for this specific outfit, I chose to play with tons of colors (to still capture attention) while keeping myself comfortable. Hope you guys like it!
Sorry if I haven't been posting a lot on my blog. My pregnancy makes me sleepy and feeling sick all the time. When my health gets better I'd probably be back to my normal …

Blessed and Thankful

Dress: From Cousin || Sandals: Tiangge

This is probably the simplest outfit post I posted so far -- dress and a pair of sandals. And if you know me, I'm sure this look is highly unusual cause I'm always on loud colors and high heeled shoes. But there are some changes we need to do for our own health. In my case, I have to wear flats because I'm having a baby!

I'm sure you've already seen this post in my social media account that I posted on Christmas Day. Until now, Paolo and I cannot believe that we're already having a baby! Imagine, we just got married (last month), had our week long stay at Boracay and then my period got delayed and whoa! The tests and the ultrasound says its positive! :)

For those who don't know me personally, this pregnancy is actually a miracle for me. Three years ago, I had a major operation where an 18x10cm myoma (size of a 4-month old fetus) was removed from my uterus. I plead to my OB-GYNE that time that no matter what happens, t…

Review: Maybelline 8-in-1 Clear Smooth High Protection BB Cream

A couple of days back I said to my instagram that I would be doing a beauty review. So after days of being overdue, I'm now starting my review on each of the product I have on my face. For now let me share with you my thoughts on the current BB cream I use, the Maybelline 8-in-1 Clear Smooth High Protection BB Cream. I sort of stopped using BB creams for they somehow give me that either paper white or grayish white finish. I had a hard time finding the perfect BB cream for me cause its either they are too oily for my skin or too white for my skin tone. So most of the time I use clear foundations or pressed powders to make sure that I get the skin tone that I like. However, my thoughts on BB cream changed when I started using the Maybelline Clear Smooth BB cream. I love the fact that this BB cream has 8 benefits that I truly enjoy. The first benefit I enjoy the most is high SPF protects me from sun exposure, and its capacity to even out skin tone. Honestly, its the first time I us…

Comfort Fashion

Denim Top: SM GTW (Doll House) || Leggings: SM GTW (Shopaholic) Shoes & Watch: Random (Tiangge at Edsa Central)) 
Okay so I posted on Instagram (@roviedear) that I was supposed to write a make-up review but because my husband and my cousin is playing NBA on the desktop I couldn't do my usual editing so i ended up posting my #nofilter set of OOTDs using Paolo's laptop.
So let me tell you about my outfit. Lately, I have been wearing flat shoes for comfort. I initially thought that to look fashionable, one must wear high heeled, statement shoes. However as I age, I realized that I should also consider comfort for fashion. Thats why lately, I have been buying and wearing a number of flats! So for the coming OOTDs you would see me in flats (good thing I got the beautiful flats from a Tiangge that worth P250). Also I am loving the pieces from SM GTW that I'm wearing. I so love the fact that one of SM GTW's brand, Shopaholic has a number of comfortable leggings in store …

Safe and Sound

Blazer: SM GTW (Redhead) || Top: Freeway Skirt: Cinta Manila || Bag: Lacoste
Aside from the fact that I'm still on LSS on the song Safe and Sound, I decided to make it my title for 2 more reasons. First is a no brainer -- black is my safe color. Well if you are stubborn to think about what to wear, just put on any black outfit, contrast it with another color (the Gold tote bag for me) and make sure to have a bold lip color. I was actually wearing slippers, if you've noticed! Reason number 2 is, healthwise I am safe and sound. The past couple of weeks I've been down with the flu and been in check-ups. Fortunately my condition is better now and I am so excited to be back in blogging and share you guys more exciting (and personal) news. For now, let me go back to flooding you with numerous OOTDs and would happy to know your feedbacks!
Gotta go now guys.
Much Love,  The Bargain Doll
Photos by Kevin Divinagracia