Comfort Fashion


Denim Top: SM GTW (Doll House) || Leggings: SM GTW (Shopaholic)
Shoes & Watch: Random (Tiangge at Edsa Central)) 

Okay so I posted on Instagram (@roviedear) that I was supposed to write a make-up review but because my husband and my cousin is playing NBA on the desktop I couldn't do my usual editing so i ended up posting my #nofilter set of OOTDs using Paolo's laptop.

So let me tell you about my outfit. Lately, I have been wearing flat shoes for comfort. I initially thought that to look fashionable, one must wear high heeled, statement shoes. However as I age, I realized that I should also consider comfort for fashion. Thats why lately, I have been buying and wearing a number of flats! So for the coming OOTDs you would see me in flats (good thing I got the beautiful flats from a Tiangge that worth P250). Also I am loving the pieces from SM GTW that I'm wearing. I so love the fact that one of SM GTW's brand, Shopaholic has a number of comfortable leggings in store and I am loving them! Surprisingly the leggings are made of cotton but still very stretchy. So for those who are looking for comfortable leggings, (and other clothes) go to the nearest SM store and shop at the SM GTW!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Photos by Kevin Divinagracia


Frances said…
Love the print of the pants.
Amazingly eccentric. <3<3<3
-xoxo, FRANCES

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Danielle said…
Love the leggings! (Though I can't bring myself to wear colored/printed leg things, I envy people who can "carry" the look.) And yes, flats > heels! I used to wear three-inchers back in college but when I started working, I was like "spare me the varicose veins, please!" :)
Rhea Bue said…
Why so pretty my lady??? <3 your poses are awesome-sauce!!!! :P I miss you!!! :)
Jam Daquio said…
I love your top!!! :) and your hair color
RebelSweetHrt said…
Love the shoes, Rovie! And you look gorgeous more than ever! :)

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