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A Little Pale

Top: Freeway || Skirt: Cinta Manila Blazer: Random || Shoes: || Bag: Tommy Hilfiger
Finally, a new blogpost after almost five days of inactivity. Since I got pregnant, it has been so hard for me to find time to blog. It's either I'm too tired from work and when I have free time, I'd rather spend it sleeping or resting. Anyways I'm currently writing this down while I bum here inside my room while all my workmates are out and enjoying the night here in Boracay. I'm here cause our company, Medichem (the CNS division of Unilab) is here for our annual business conference. I'm really grateful that we get to experience mini-vacations (with work, of course) like this and we get to enjoy beautiful places like Boracay for free.
Anyways, I'm posting a work outfit I wore last week. The weather has been friendly for me to layer and somehow conceal my bump. I'm obsessing with skater skirts (and dresses) as they perfectly conceals my bump and make me f…

Red Stripes

Top: Cotton On || Skirt: Pink Fashion Watch: Ice Watch Shoes:
Now that you all know that I'm already 3 months pregnant, I'm sure you won't be surprised that this blog would transfrom to a mommy fashion / parenting blog. So I'm starting this by proudly showing you how I dress up my 12 week old bump. I was really surprised how my bump would actually look bigger in the afternoon (and in the evening) than in the morning. That's probably because I eat like a monster throughout the day and my tummy gets so big. Anyway, I love wearing skater skirts lately cause it somehow conceals my bump and still keeps me in style. I opt for simpler styles now cause my husband appreciates it more when I look plain yet stylish.
What's your idea?
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Photos by Paolo Peralta

I Believe in Miracles

I used to doubt it before. But with the multitude of blessings I have been getting left and right, I am starting to believe that miracles do come true. Let me tell you why. Almost four years ago, a myoma (cyst) was found on top of my uterus. I got really scared cause imagine, I was just 23 back then and I was surprised with the news that a benign tumor was found in my reproductive organ. Worse, it was really huge that I looked like I was carrying a 4 month old baby. I had my surgery done but it became very complicated that parts of my uterus was damaged. Since I told my OB to save it no matter what, they did a reconstructive surgery of my uterus (uteroplasty). It took me a year of hormonal therapy to correct my menstrual flow and other problems.  That's why I felt so overwhelmed when Paolo proposed to me almost a year after my surgery. I was so insecure that time cause I thought I won't be able to bear a child but Paolo assured me that despite of what I can and what I cannot …

Youthful Vibe

Dress w/ Belt: SM GTW || Shoes:
So when I wore this dress last Sunday when Paolo and I went to church, Paolo was like: "I like how you are beginning to dress more maturely now. More like a mom." I laughed so hard cause I was like"Love, this dress is from SM Girls Teens wear and I'm supposed to look younger!" Probably because my hair was in a bun during that time (I took it off for the OOTD purposed) and I was moving really slow that Paolo was getting the "mommy vibes." Or most probably, he is much more excited than I am for in 6 months, we're going to be parents!!

Anyways, I love the fact that despite my age and my "status," I can still wear clothes from the teens section and look my age (or even younger). For those who did not know, I'm currently 26 (just the perfect age to get married and conceive) but I love how my positive aura and youthful fashion make me look way younger.

I apologize for always having my OOTD sh…

A Week Away

Polo Top: SM GTW (Dollhouse) || Leggings: Random Shoes: || Sunnies: Sprinto
Today marks the start of my 11th week. I cannot explain the happiness I feel for I am only a week away to enter my second trimester. Although my baby bump is still not that obvious, I started adjusting my outfits to make myself stylish and comfortable. Now that I'm in my third month, I'm still trying to conceal my bump by wearing loose tops and leggings. Who would have thought that I could still wear the outfits I bought from SM GTW a couple of months back? I still make the most out of my relatively "fit" body to wear my feeling bagets clothes.
As I've said earlier, I'm a week away from my second trimester. I am so excited to enter this period as the books say that it is the phase where moms feel more comfortable and the morning sickness fades. I can probably go back to active blogging (as I always sleep right after work and on weekends cause of fatigue) when my physio…

Review: Etude House Color My Brows

If you've noticed, I rarely post outfit photos lately and that is because I haven't taken ootd shots because (1) I am back to work (2) I am always in lazy, almost maternity wear and (3) I always feel so tired to blog or even pose in front of the camera. Good thing I took a number of make-up photos a couple of weeks back that I still have something to write in my blog. Now, I'm so excited to share to you my latest favorite product -- the Etude House Color my Brows.

Before I tell you my impression on the product, I need to admit to you something. When I bought this a month back at Etude House, I was just looking for a brow product that will match my color. The saleslady approached me and gave this product to me. I immediately bought it without even asking what color or shade this product is. So as you read my review, I won't be able to tell you the exact name of this brow product.
Shaping / shading my brows has always been my problem. My brows has a lazy attitude (my HM…

Fashion Tips for Prom Dresses Shopping

Finding the perfect prom dress should be a fun and exciting process for every young woman attending her very first prom night. And every prom girl deserves prom dresses shopping to find a stylish, comfortable and exquisite dress that would make her prom experience one of the best experiences in her lifetime. Prom Dresses – Although there may be changes in the trends, fashion prom dresses will always add confidence and sophistication to every prom girl. Moreover, choosing the right pair of shoes and accessories will truly make the prom ensemble complete and really special. As prom nights are some of the rarest occasion that a teenager can wear high fashion dresses, glamorous accessories and chic high heels, it is wise to take advantage of the latest fashion for prom dresses 2014.
SHOPP81140 In order to help you find the perfect prom dress, here are some of the things that you need to consider.
Find the right length Traditionally, prom dresses are synonymous to ball gowns, there…