Before the Bump

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Dress: Bought from Kat Valdez || Flats:

The title says it all. Before my bump gets big I decided to wear this dress that I bought from Kat Valdez (when I still did not know that I was pregnant). Pao and I were at Diamond Hotel and I asked him to take my photo wearing the dress (inside the room). Anyways, for the next 7 months you won't probably see me in cropped top or cut out dresses and showcase more on preggy fashion. Haha. I hope you like this post.

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll
Photos by Paolo Peralta

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Carizza Chua said...

lovely! i wonder what this blog would be after 7 months ;) congrats!

Congratulations! Excited to see preggy fashion here.

Ysabel Vitangcol said...

Nice dress! I love royal blue. Congratulations to you and your husband!

Ysabel of Pleasantly Chic

Maya said...

Such a beautiful dress! I think it's so wonderful that you're expecting a little baby :) enjoy every moment of it

Franc Ramon said...

I really admire how you work yourself into getting a fit body and hoping for your safe pregnancy Rovie.

Nicol Wong said...

absolutely stunning!


That's a sexy outfit, perfect for your figure.

Rochkirstin Santos said...

I like the dress very much. :) I cannot carry that myself because I'm too shy whaha especially in really public locations.

Renee King said...

This is a beautiful outfit. I love the red shoes. I think I would add a pop of red with a clutch, necklace and earrings and you would be all finished off. I am not a small person so I wouldn't be able to wear something like this but it looks great on you.

heartofatigress said...

You're a one heck of a sexy preggy lady!

Rhea Bue said...

sexy to the highest level!!! kalokkaaa.. ikaw naaa!! :D

Sexy sexyhan haha

Wait until the coming months! I have a feeling I'll get really big :)

Thank you :)

Haha try it sometimes :)

Thank you :)

Thanks nicol :)

Thank you :)

Thanks so much :)

Thanks! :)

Excited to post those too :)

Preggers fashion na haha :)