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Showing A Little

Dress: Cousin's || Shoes: FILA Cardigan: SM GTW (Betty)
My bump is slowly showing at 16 weeks! Some people say that my bump is still small, some say its relatively big for its size. Well regardless of the size, we are still very much excited that we have a big, growing and healthy baby! Anyways, I've been addicted to flats since I got pregnant and sneakers include them! I was never the type to wear flats before but hey, some things are bound to change. Paolo and I were surprised when we were strolling at Boracay almost a month back, we saw that the Fila store was at 70% off. Whats more surprising is we got the red sneakers for only P399! That's a bargain right?
Anyways, I hope you guys liked my lakas makabata post! I missed posting here and keeping you guys updated!
Much Love, The Bargain Doll
Photos taken by Paolo Peralta from his Iphone5s

Peachy Pink

Multiway Dress: Apartment 8 || Sandals: M. Nicole Accessories: SM Accessories
Finally, a blogpost after days of hiatus. I failed to update my blog as I've been busy the past Valentine weekend. Went to a wedding, had a romantic date with Paolo (which I will post here soon), and my celebrated my lola's 81st birthday. Anyways, I wore this peach multi-way dress last Valentine's Day, when Paolo and I attended a good friend's wedding. I so love the jersey cloth of infinity dresses cause they hug my bump perfectly. I'm currently on my 4th month (and my bump is really showing now) but I still look relatively "normal." Anyways I only have one more bump-less OOTD before I flood you with my bumpy outfit shots!
I hope you liked this post. Gotta go now!
Much Love, The Bargain Doll
Photos by Paolo Peralta Taken using Iphone5 S

Boracay 2014 Photodiary

Before I flood you guys with Valentines Day related posts, let me finish my boracay post by sharing with you a photodiary from our trip. I know it should've come first before posting all the ootds but I had a hard time sorting out photos. Anyways, its not my first time being in Boracay but it was my first time to be in Boracay and have some alone time with my husband. I usually go there with friends, with family and for work. It was also the first time we went to Boracay where we did not do anything -- we just lounge around, sleep, eat and enjoy the scenery. Because I'm pregnant we didn't do any water sports, cause when Paolo and I were there last November with our family, we did all sorts of water activities -- island hopping, parasailing, jetski, etc, and little did we know that I was already pregnant at that time! (That's why I know that the baby is meant for us, I did all those crazy stuff but still he/she is inside me and very much healthy!) So we were now carefu…

Maxi || Bazaar for All Season Announcement!

Maxi Dress: Gift || Sandals: Random Shades: Sprinto
Yet another outfit I wore when Paolo and I went to Boracay a couple of weeks back. I am so full of posts about our trip to Boracay that I have tons of outfits to share (I still have to post a photodiary!!). Anyways this outfit is one of those more relaxed beach wear that you'd like to wear on the beach. In my case, I super love wearing maxi dresses cause they just don't make me feel very comfortable but they make me feel stylish as well. 
By the way, would love to share with you an exciting news about BFAS! Would be selling a lot of my preloved clothes so I hope to see you on Feb 22-23 at Elements Tent, Eton Centris!  Bazaar For All Season 5  (February 22-23, 2014 11AM-9PM @ Elements Tent, Eton Centris)   From the makers of the most successful bazaar in the north, Limitless Events proudly present its 5th installment BAZAAR FOR ALL SEASON! Don't miss out on this spectacular event!   Meet and greet your favorite blogger Da…

That Pretty Bump

When Paolo and I went to Boracay almost a couple of weeks ago, I was on my 14th week. Since my bump is (still) relatively small, I managed to still pull of my bikini during this time. Well I'm actually posting this to show you how weird my tummy size is. It could be relatively small during the morning (no food) but gets larger in the evening (cause of the food and the stress the baby experience throughout the day).
So that's how my bump looked like this Friday, after havin a heavy buffet breakfast.  Then it looked relatively flat the next day (Saturday) for having minimal breakfast.
Sorry for annoying you with my baby bump posts but as first time mothers, no one can explain the excitement one feels to bear a child. Along with it is the anxiety and depression that comes with the hormonal and physical changes that happens to a woman. That's why while I still can, I try to wear all the clothes that still fit me and make me feel attractive. Anyways I'm entering my 16th we…

By the Grotto

Cutout: From Kat Valdez || Skirt: SM GTW Sunnies: SPRINTO || Sandals: Random 
Hello dolls! How was your weekend? Well I am spending it taking extra rest cause I have fever and tonsilitis (which make me worry for the little one inside). Anyways, since I'm making this post really quick, I just like to share with you another set of outfit that Paolo took while we were at Boracay. I know you've bben to Boracay a number of times but how many times did you actually go up to the Grotto? This is probably our 5th time in the island but it was my first time to be this close at the Grotto (good thing Paolo was checked in a hotel that was on Station 1) so I became very touristy and took my photos there.

Anyways, I'm on my 15th week already (but I was 14 weeks = 3 months, 2 weeks when these photos were taken) and I'm so glad that I can still pull-off wearing A-line skirts and cutouts. I'm actually wearing a piece from SM GTW and I'm so surprised that I can still pull off s…