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Happy Fatty Preggy

Floral Blazer: Old Navy || Dress: Nine Months Shoes: Auztralian
I lost count on how long I've been inactive but the good news is, I have an update! Anyways I had a chance to finally go out of the house days ago and I asked Paolo to quickly take my OOTD photos. Just wanted to show you guys how I currently look like and the obvious weight I gained from my super sedentary lifestyle. My tummy's turning 6 months in 2 weeks and I'm so happy that I am slowly carrying this pregnancy safely. I'm halfway there and I hope that everything will go on smoothly. It's honestly sad to be alone in the house doing nothing but lie down, watch tv, eat but whenever I feel my baby's kicks, I feel calm and happy. I know all of this will be worth it.

Anyways, I really don't have much to say so I hope you enjoyed my quick update! (please don't judge me on how I fat I look now!)

Here's our little couple shot! :D Missed you guys! Til next time!
Much Love, The Bargain Doll

Crocs Stretch Sole: Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle

The world’s favorite comfortable shoe brand, Crocs, introduces yet another innovative product that will complement your active lifestyle.As part of its Spring/Summer 2014 Collection, Crocs is introducing the Stretch Sole collection featuring flats and loafers for men and women on the go. The Stretch Sole range is the first of its kind to include the innovative, new Fit2u TechnologyTM.

With Fit2u TechnologyTM,  the shoe is able to fit, and flex according to the way your feet moves within the day. What makes the Sole Stretch range unique is that it is enhanced with the signature comfort of CrosliteTM material insoles, and is built with a stretch cord and a four-way stretch canvas upper to maximize the stretch and flexibility of the shoe.

The Stretch Solecollectionwas developed forpeople withactive lifestyles. For the ones on-the-go,attending errands, going to work, or even hanging out with your loved ones, it’s made for you to walk comfortably as you go about with your daily activities

No …


Top: Paradise Treats|| Skirt: Cinta Manila || Sandals: Random
Yet another old OOTD photo that I was just able to post just now. Like my previous post, this was taken during our work conference at Boracay Regency last January. It was our fellowship night, amd we were advised to wear a beach attire. If I wasn't just pregnant, I could have worn something more beachworthy (2 piece or something) but hey, a colorful attire is a beach attire too! So I decided to wear this nice off-shoulder top from Paradise Treats and pair it with the most colorful skirt I have. I'm really glad it looked nice!
Anyways, I still have to post my current look (gosh I look so fat already) but I still don't have that much OOTD posts to share. I'm still working out on it and hopefull when I post it, you would still recognize me, with my 20lbs heavier figure and my big baby bump. I can really feel myself getting heavier cause I do nothing but lie down, sit and eat. Still I'm trying to enjoy my s…

A Little Throwback

Infinity Dress: Bought from 168 || Shoes: GIBI  Earrings: SM Accessories
I know its not Thursday, but I'm doing a little throwback for you guys. Due to my lack of OOTD photos, I can only share some of my old photos. I know you remember guys that I went to Boracay last January for our company's business conference. We also had a recognition night that week and we were encouraged to wear a cocktail / formal attire. I decided to wear my multi-way dress (that I also used a a prep dress for my wedding) for the event. I love how convenient it is to own an infinity dress for you can actually wear it multiple times, and looking new all the time. Anyway I was 31/2 months pregnant at that time and I was thankful that my bump was a little shy to come out.
Anyways, there;s nothing really new about me for I'm still at home and stuck in bed for one more month. Hopefully I could make some make up reviews in replacement of my missing OOTD posts. 
Much Love, The Bargain Doll

Photos by DJ P…

Worth the Gain

Oh well hello there blogosphere! I can't remember the last time I posted here. Well I'm sure you all know that I'm currently on bed arrest (and it was again extended by my OB until April) because of my preterm contraction hence the inability to post anything on my blog. Until recently, Paolo noticed how sad my life is being locked in my room so he decided to bring me outside earlier and grab a quick lunch nearby. Walking and standing for a long time is a struggle for me so we had to do everything gently yet quickly as possible. Being the blogger that I am, I coerced Paolo in taking a few photos of me to show you guys how much weight I've gained after 3 weeks (since my last OOTD photos) of being in bed rest, zero activity but full of eating!

Maternity Dress: 9 Months || Sandals: M. Nicole Watch: Anne Klein
Tada! I currently weigh 130lbs now, gaining almost 20++lbs from my weight during our wedding day. From a healthy and active lifestyle to stagnant and pregnant! Well …

Before the Long Break

Hello guys. Most of you know that I was hospitalized for a week for preterm labor / contractions. It was the day after the Bazaar for all Season where I woke up in the middle of the night screaming with pain on my belly. I have been feeling some prickling pains on my bump for many days but I ignored it not after feeling that tremendous amount of pain. So I was rushed to the ER then immediately confined after finding out that I was having contractions at 17 weeks and suspected appendicitis. The good thing was, the appendicitis was ruled out after a couple of days but was forced to stay longer until my contractions were controlled. After 5 days, I was sent home with strict advise that I have to be in full bed rest for a month.
Since I am not allowed to stand up for longer hours, I must say Good Bye for the moment and concentrate on my health for my little baby boy. Good thing, RD Llanera, a good friend of Rhea Bue took my OOTD during the BFAS that I have something to post before the hi…


The much-loved Spanish fashion brand makes its debut at ZALORA

ZALORA, Asia’s leading online fashion destination, has expanded its assortment with the addition of international fashion brand Mango. ZALORA will make it easier than ever to access the popular and well-loved brand with 3 - 5 day delivery time, free and easy returns within 30 days, and multiple payment methods including cash-on-delivery.
Mango, who recently named supermodel Daria Werbowy the face of their new campaigns, will launch on ZALORA with their Spring Summer 2014 collection. ZALORA Philippines Head of Buying, Gigi Mabanta said, “We are delighted to be adding Mango to the line-up of brands available on ZALORA. We were spoiled for choice when it came to curating a selection from the Spring Summer 2014 line. Our customers can expect to see an on-trend minimalist theme throughout the collection, in a very simple colour palette of grey, black, white, and touches of fuchsia.” Paulo Campos, Managing Director of ZALORA Philip…